Ricky Williams applauds NCAA decision to remove cannabinoids from banned substances list, emphasizes need for education on cannabis


Ricky Williams, former Heisman Trophy winner, renowned cannabis advocate, and founder of the cannabis brand Highsman, has expressed his strong support for the NCAA’s recent decision to remove cannabinoids from its list of banned substances. This groundbreaking move marks a significant shift in the acceptance of cannabis in sports and aligns with the growing recognition of its potential benefits.

Williams, who has long championed the therapeutic and wellness properties of cannabis, commended the NCAA for this progressive step. “This decision is a monumental victory for athletes and the cannabis community,” said Williams. “It acknowledges the positive role that cannabis can play in enhancing recovery and overall well-being for athletes.”

However, Williams also highlighted the importance of comprehensive education on cannabis. “While this decision is a step in the right direction, it is crucial that we provide athletes, coaches, and the broader sports community with accurate information about cannabis,” he emphasized. “Understanding both the benefits and potential negative side effects, as well as promoting responsible consumption, is essential.”

Williams, through his brand Highsman, is dedicated to advancing the conversation around cannabis in sports. Highsman aims to provide high-quality cannabis products specifically designed to support athletes in their physical and mental health journeys.


“Education is the key to breaking down stigmas and fostering responsible use,” Williams added. “We must ensure that athletes are equipped with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about cannabis consumption.”

As a pioneer in advocating for the intersection of cannabis and athletics, Williams remains committed to leading efforts that promote awareness and understanding. Highsman will continue to collaborate with experts, athletes, and organizations to further this mission and support the athletic community in embracing the potential of cannabis.

About Highsman: Highsman is the cannabis lifestyle brand created by Ricky Williams, entrepreneur, thought leader and one of the most electric NFL running backs of the century, to empower professional and everyday athletes and sports enthusiasts alike. Highsman offers premium quality cannabis and a collection of apparel and accessories designed to complement an elevated lifestyle on and off the field. For more information, please visit www.highsman.com.