Maybe you’re a manufacturer, security consultant, lighting system provider, software company, doctor, fertilizer distributor, interior designer, architect, odor control consultant, attorney, accountant, pharmacist, real estate agent, private inspector, soil developer, event planner, digital media firm, cultivator, human resources director, packaging distributor, or even a future facility licensee. What you do is amazing and Greenway readers want to know about you.

Greenway Magazine is Missouri’s cannabis industry publication.

How better to get in touch with business partners than to advertise with Greenway Magazine? Greenway Media offers and operates both Greenway Magazine and Patients Magazine, their websites, and their weekly email lists. Greenway offers convenient, effective, experienced, and consistent results, whether you need to reach partners or patients.

For those looking to engage with Missouri’s newest industry, our team is chock full of experienced professionals who know how to get your message directly to the people you need to reach while producing a reliable, consistent, professional offering for the industry. Greenway is laser-focused on Missouri’s cannabis industry.

We’re online and in print, so you will always be seen within relevant industry content. Greenway launched on April 20, 2019, covering everything in the cannabis industry from technology and politics to culture and agriculture. We’re covering medical marijuana, hemp, CBD, and the world surrounding the growing market.

Patients Magazine launched on November 1, 2019, and the inaugural print was released at available at MoCannBizCon+Expo 2020.

Greenway reaches readers throughout the state online and in the email newsletter, read by tens of thousands each week.

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