Dispensary Recommendations: products that pop in August


Each month Greenway asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line at hello@mogreenway.com


SFV OG Live Resin | Illicit

Live Resin cartridges – Illicit

Personally, I love the Live Resin cartridges from Illicit. In my experience, cartridges can be very hit or miss with their effectiveness, but that is not the case with the live resin carts by Illicit. With their strain specific terpene profiles, I feel an enhanced version of my favorite strain’s effects, while at the same time getting to enjoy the full flavor profile of the strains! This is huge for me because other products do not provide the full experience of a strain’s potential effects and terpene profile like these live resin carts do. Hands down my favorite products in MO, with the Purple Chem being my go-to strain. 

Tyler Diltz, From The Earth



Ruth Loeffler | SWADE

1:1 Tincture – Amend

For first-time patients who are looking for relief without the psychoactive effects, we have many Amend products, such as the 1:1 Tincture or the 1:1 Balm. Both products provide relief for both external & internal pain. Products that include both CBD & THC to engage the entourage effect & provide more therapeutic relief throughout your Endocannabinoid system. Our ratio products allow patients to try THC in with a more moderated approach. Doing this, they are able to decide on a good ratio & way of consuming or using in the future. 

Being a more experienced user, I have had a lot of success with the Amend 1:1 tincture when wanting more fast acting relief, specifically for my anxiety. Its sublingual route delivers the CBD & THC straight into the bloodstream allowing the therapeutic effects to be more fast acting than a typical edible would. Shortly after taking the dose, I need, I sit back and let it set under my tongue & relax. Within 5 – 10 minutes I feel the tension from my anxiety release & I am ready to go!

Ruth Loeffler, Product Specialist, SWADE – Ellisville



Josh Ordo | ReLeaf Resources

Cherry Bubblegum Live Resin Badder – Proper Cannabis

The CBG Badder from Proper was my first foyer into a “live resin” product. I am a flower guy by nature, but the wax coming to market has been so awesome I couldn’t pass it up, especially this stuff. The aroma from the container fills your nose with some sour gassy notes followed by a waft of soft floral. The taste from the vapor starts off soft and delicate leaning more on the floral side, but as my oven got rolling I started to notice a bit more of the sour cherry followed by some sweetness with a bit of skunk; but not much. The exhale is very smooth which keeps inviting me back for more which is quite dangerous since it clocks in at 94%. As you settle in it is a very nice balance of relaxed body and euphoric mind which may leave you daydreaming if you aren’t careful.

Josh Ordo, Manager, Releaf Resources



Elisa Reinhardt | 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis

LOV Diamonds  – Proper

My new favorite product comes from Proper Brands. LOV Diamonds in Sauce is not only an amazing concentrate in regards to flavor and effect, but it literally sparkles like a diamond!  The terpene sauce is like the icing on a shiny cake. I was surprised at how smooth this concentrate smoked, leaving zero harshness. The effects are an immediate head high followed by an overall body mellowing high.  I will be buying this again and recommending it to anyone who enjoys a great concentrate.

Elisa Reinhardt, General Manager, 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis – Columbia




Dan Sokoloski | Swade – Cherokee

Muzz Buzz – Sinse

Fruity cultivar lovers always perk up when they catch wind of Muzz Buzz from Sinse. With a terpene profile consisting of primarily Limonene, Ocimene and Myrcene, Muzz Buzz is like smoking a loaded sangria with all sorts of rich berries and tangy citrus accents. I’d recommend a nice vaporizer to fully enjoy the flavors and the cerebral, relaxing high. If you have a few more bbq’s to attend this summer, roll up some Muzz Buzz to bring along to share with your friends, I guarantee the invites to the cookouts will not be in short supply.

Dan Sokoloski, Product Specialist, SWADE – Cherokee




Jack College | Clovr Dispensary

Purple Chem flower – Illicit 

It’s super funky and the terpenes are really strong. I love the smell. 

Jack College, Clovr Dispensary



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