Dispensary Recommendations: 5 medical marijuana products dispensary staff are lighting up over in June

Dispensary Recommendations: 5 medical marijuana products dispensary staff are lighting up over in June
Each month Greenway asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line at hello@mogreenway.com

Hannah Christesson | Organic Remedies

Sour Tangie Sugar – Vivid

I like this Sativa strain because it has an almost immediate reaction. Uplifting and energizing, it boosts your mood even in a bad mood spell. In this strain, I prefer a sugar. I like to start off with a hit and then chase with a good Sativa flower. Personally, I target anxiety and depression. This Sour Tangie is what addresses my issues best.

Hannah Christesson, Patient Care Consultant, Organic Remedies – Sedalia



Cookies and Cream | Proper

Cookies and Cream – Proper

Our top-selling flower thus far is a strain called Cookies n’ Cream which boasts a THC content over thirty percent! Most patients have been using this strain to help alleviate body pain and get a better night of rest. My personal opinion is the smell
immediately reminds you of a sweet, candy-like dessert. Its aromatic, strong terpene profile draws the attention of all who catch a whiff. Besides the taste and smell, I myself was very relaxed after consuming just a small portion of this strain. Also, a fan favorite is their Sativa leaning Ecto Cooler. Personally, I find it a great smoke for my daytime needs. I would recommend this to any patients looking for stronger well-maintained Sativa.

Mark Mead, Store Manager, The Herbalist – Jackson MO




Mary Ann Denzer | Riverside Wellness

Honeybee Chocolates – Proper

Edibles are my favorite method of consumption and I am in love with the Proper Honeybee Chocolates! Proper Cannabis hired Dave Owens from Bissinger’s out of St. Louis and he is incredible at creating a boutique chocolate product. The use of high-end European chocolate, with inclusions such as toffee, coconut & pretzel create a product that is hard to have just one dose of! I would recommend keeping some uninfused chocolate around because just one bite is hard on this one! In addition, passing a homogeneity test, which guarantees that each piece of an edible has approximately the same amount of THC in it is much harder with inclusions such as pretzel, so anyone who is able to create this type of product and pass state testing gets good marks in my book! I’m not sure if it is the fat content in the chocolate or the quality of the product, but these chocolates always pack a punch for me! –

Mary Ann Denzer – Owner/General Manager – Riverside Wellness





Pineapple Kush Shatter | Vivid

Pineapple Kush Shatter – Vivid

At first whiff, the Pineapple Kush Shatter from Vivid fills your olfactory pathways with a pleasant aroma of sweet citrus intertwined with a bit of earthy tones from the kush. You definitely get some gassy skunk notes if you go back for a few more smells. On the inhale it coats your tastebuds with some sweet floral notes, definitely that fruity pineapple musk we love; on the exhale you’re going to get some of those earthy tones with a touch of mint. The residual smell is loud and full of those sour pineapple tones. This dab is a great way for me to start my day without being too foggy. It allows me to clear my thought paths and plan for the future. Definitely a morning dab for sure with a smooth and light hit to get things rolling.

Eric Galant, ReLeaf Specialist, ReLeaf Resources


Ron Schmidt | Feel State

Purple Chem – Illicit Gardens

This flower really helps with my social anxiety and at the same time still allows me to keep a clear mind because of the presence of pinene. For me, nothing beats the flavor profile of this cultivar. It is definitely a good relaxer and if there’s one thing I know, it’s how much I enjoy talking about cannabis!

Ron Schmidt, Budtender, Feel State – Florissant






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