Dispensary Recommendations: 5 highly recommended products in May

Dispensary Recommendations: 5 highly recommended products in May

Love Affair | Proper Cannabis


Love Affair – Proper Love Affair is my go-to strain! It is perfect for any time of day, The euphoric and calming high is just so sweet! Speaking of sweet, the aroma, as well as the taste, could not be described any better. This strain is bound to make you feel as if you are cheating on your other favorite strains. The name, taste, aroma and high will make you fall in love.

Desirae Simpson, Retail Associate, The Farmer’s Wife – West Plains


Purple Diesel Pre-Roll 0.5g – CLOVR

The half-gram Purple Diesel pre-roll is my go-to item at 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis.  It’s a cross between Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel that smells and tastes fantastic, so much so that you will probably talk to yourself about how good it tastes!  I find it to be excellent for a mid-day boost.  The pre-roll form is very convenient and makes for a very smooth and even experience.  This product is a delight for new and experienced users alike.

Kaliq Rashad, Shift Leader – Budtender, 3Fifteen Primo Cannabis – Valley Park


Robhots 10:1 Gummies

10:1 Gummies – Robhots

Robhots 10:1 Gummies are amazing!  They have 100mg of CBD and 10mg of THC per piece.  These gummies are great for aches and pains.  We recommend them for a number of things, from sleep to joint pain to appetite.  The higher CBD level really gives a nice rounded out experience to what can sometimes be overwhelming with edibles.  These gummies were key in giving me some of the best sleep I have had in years.

Neil Volner, NORTH


Bubba Fett – Flora

When I start my dialogue with a patient (new or frequent flyer), in one way or another we end up directing toward an Indica or Sativa dominant leaning strain. When Sativa is out the door, Bubba is being brought to the table. It’s a fantastic journey. Let’s face it, a skunk or diesel smell isn’t for everyone, but who cares when my anxiety and stress take a flight.

Kyle Bland, Assistant Manager, Old Route 66 Wellness


Ice Cream Cake | Proper Cannabis

Ice Cream Cake – Proper

With all of the flower offerings from Proper Cannabis, it’s hard to choose just one. My first look at the pre-packaged eighths tells me I’m dealing with a company that cares about their flower. Choosing their Ice Cream Cake was easy because Proper offers curated taste, flavor, and effect profiles for each of their cultivars. Using my favorite glass pipe I can follow along, or read ahead to find cultivars to suit my medical needs. If I am able to keep two different Proper Cannabis flowers at the same time I will mix their potent flavors to get maximum effect. Have you tried a 50/50 blend of Ice Cream Cake and Love Affair?

Aaron Wright, Product Specialist, OzaRX Botanicals