Dispensary Recommendations: 5 products that bring the heat in July

Dispensary Recommendations: 5 products that bring the heat in July



Each month Greenway asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line at hello@mogreenway.com



GMO Live Resin Badder – Proper

At Jane Dispensary we have a variety of products for all types of cannabis consumers, and I love that I have options for whatever I may need. Recently, I have been stuck on Proper Cannabis concentrates, especially GMO Live Resin Badder. When I first opened this potent concentrate, I was hit with its pungent aroma and I couldn’t wait to try it. Coming in at 80.3% this strong dab was surprisingly smooth & came with very relaxing but happy effects. My mood was immediately lifted with a nice unwinding high. I cannot love this badder more, if you are a regular dabber, give GMO a try!!

Abi Gonzalez, Cannabis Consultant,  Jane Dispensary (featured photo)


Oak Hollaman, Fresh Karma Dispensaries

Purple Chem – Illicit

It’s a cross between chemdawg and granddaddy purp. I love it because it’s a flower I can smoke on at all times of the day and it gets me where I need to go. Not to mention the sweet berry aroma it gives off mixed with purple dense nugs makes for a flower you’re proud to roll and show off. Make sure and stop by Fresh Karma to try some for yourself! See you soon!

Oak Hollaman, Fresh Karma Dispensaries





Alien Rock Candy – Proper

Proper’s Alien Rock Candy has quickly emerged as a front runner when it comes to my flower recommendations. When a patient expresses the desire to alleviate stress and anxiety, ARC is literally the first strain that comes to mind. ARC is truly unique in that it starts off as uplifting before subtly lowering into a mellow sedative effect. The taste and aroma are as equally profound as the effects. If you desire to be happy and relaxed, it’s safe to say you can’t go wrong with this excellent strain.

Dustin Hotle, Assistant Manager, Captiva Healing


Dan Gummow, Store Manager, Proper – Warrenton

Bordello – Proper

Our Bordello is fast becoming my go-to strain for relaxation and unwinding. It has a nice balanced effect and a strong flavor. A high terpene content makes this strain punch well above what its THC percentage may suggest. Crack open the jar and you can immediately smell blueberries and citrus; dig in a little deeper and you get notes of red wine. The taste is on point with the smell. A strong citrus and berry flavor that is followed by hints of fuel and that red wine on the exhale. 

The effects come on quick, starting with a stress reducing euphoria that transitions to soothing body relaxation that is not too sedating. Perfect for afterwork aches and stress.  It is like sipping sangrias on the Spanish Riviera, though overindulgence may lead to a siesta. 

Bordello is available as live badder that kicks up the potency and amplifies those terps. However, if you really want to crank the flavor up to 11, try the Bordello Diamonds and Sauce.

Dan Gummow, Store Manager, Proper – Warrenton


Lemon Kush Cart – Crossroads Cannabis

The half gram Lemon Kush carts from Crossroads Cannabis is a perfect day time hybrid with that bright lemon citrus flavor that will clear your head, and relieve your anxiety. The kush aspect of the cart will provide you with a light relaxing body high as you settle in. This is the perfect strain to brighten your day and put you in a great state of mind. I love the disposable format as opposed to the 510 since we have only seen some smaller formats on the market so far. The cart and battery are well built and the oil has lasted me quite a while so far which is always a positive note when dealing with carts. The oil itself has a wonderful slight yellow tinge, with very on flavor terpenes being a distillate, we highly recommend trying these out if you can find them at your local shop. 

Mitch Alexander, ReLeaf Specialist, ReLeaf Resources