Ones to Watch 2020: Forest Palmer


The inaugural Greenway Ones to Watch class were nominated by their peers as those will be some of the most responsible for setting the tone of Missouri’s newest industry. From activists to consultants to operators themselves, the following industry influencers are responsible for determining not only how the industry overcomes the obstacles of 2020, but how the industry will be better for it. The same questions were asked of all; submitted answers and related information edited for grammar and clarity.


NAME: Forest Palmer

COMPANY: Kansas City Cannabis Company


TITLE: General Manager of Dispensary Operations

BACKGROUND: Managed Uncle Bud’s in California, managed a string of Luke 15 owned CBD stores in the Kansas City area


Why cannabis?

Cannabis has been apart of and helped me in every facet of my life. I have pain that doctors have told me isn’t there and I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was young. Cannabis helps me find my true balance while relaxing away my “mystery pains” all while letting me make a career out of something that I am truly passionate about. Helping people find the relief that I found through cannabis is extremely fulfilling.


What is your vision of the industry in Missouri?

In the short term, I envision an industry that provides as much patient access as possible for the people who need this medicine. My long term goal for this industry is that it will lay the groundwork for criminal justice reform that will get nonviolent cannabis offenders out of prison. I hope once Missouri starts to see cannabis use as less of a problem and more of a solution, they too will question why our tax dollars are spent caging humans over a plant that has been purposely misrepresented for decades. Groups like Canna Convict Project have been spearheading that fight for us and it’s time for the rest of us to start taking issue as well.

What opportunity/opportunities does the industry create in Missouri?

Other than potential employment, the cannabis industry, in any state, allows for patients to take back their own healthcare. So often we lean on the advice of others to govern how we make ourselves feel better and heal. Legal, medical cannabis will now let the patients of Missouri find an alternative route to helping alleviate symptoms that otherwise stick around.

What is one thing you wish all Missourians knew about cannabis?

Using cannabis is not a “one-size-fits-all” fix. It takes time, patience, and exploration to find what is right for you. Many people chase things like THC percentage or big name brands for their medicine while there are a plethora of determining factors that will dictate whether that strain, terpene profile, or general product is right for you or the symptoms that you are trying to relieve.

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