Ones to Watch 2020: Brooke Foster


The inaugural Greenway Ones to Watch class were nominated by their peers as those will be some of the most responsible for setting the tone of Missouri’s newest industry. From activists to consultants to operators themselves, the following industry influencers are responsible for determining not only how the industry overcomes the obstacles of 2020, but how the industry will be better for it. The same questions were asked of all; submitted answers and related information edited for grammar and clarity.

NAME: Brooke Foster

COMPANY: Show Me Alternatives



BACKGROUND: Graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. Owner and Operator of C&R Supermarkets, Inc. We are a family-owned 11-store grocery chain located in Northeast and North Central Missouri. I have worked in retail, inventory management, advertising and IT within the C&R company structure since 1992.


Why cannabis?

The answer to this question is a little humorous.  I was exposed to the cannabis industry through my son.  He decided to change his major from BioChemistry (Pre-Med) to Plant Science (Breeding, Bio Technology) mid-way through his freshman year at the University of Missouri.  I have to give him credit for having the guts to call and tell me of his plan to switch and pursue a career in cannabis.  After a couple weeks of meltdowns (and getting over the disappointment that he wouldn’t be the head of Cardiology at Mayo Clinic), I began to research and open my mind to the world of the cannabis plant.  It took only a very short time for me to realize the merit and untapped potential of this natural plant.   Since then, my son graduated from Mizzou and we have been full-steam ahead in pursuing and obtaining Missouri licenses. We were successful with three dispensary and one MIP license.  I was excited for Missouri to get on board with cannabis legalization and from a personal stand, it’s been an amazing experience to help start a new company with my son, my nephew and the other talented hard-working members of the Show Me Alternatives team.  I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to work with this team and within this new Missouri industry.


What is your vision of the industry in Missouri?

I have genuine excitement when visualizing what the cannabis industry can and will be within the state of Missouri.  Missouri, the Department of Health in particular, have done a terrific job establishing the framework for this new industry.  I love the fact that this industry is brand new and creating so many opportunities, without cutting current jobs or businesses.  This isn’t a situation in which a new store opens and current businesses lose customer base and eventually close.  The playing field is even for everyone at this point!  With the solid groundwork laid, Missouri has the potential to grow and thrive and create an industry that will sustain for many years to come. We’ve had the opportunity to benefit from the launches of previous states and their learn from their mistakes.  Changes will happen in Missouri in the coming years, no doubt, but we will all be ready to make the needed adjustments and grow in the process.      

What opportunity/opportunities does the industry create in Missouri?

I believe for all of Missouri, but especially for my home region in North Missouri, this industry creates a wealth of opportunities.  Many rural communities have seen tremendous population and job declines over the past decade and the cannabis industry will be significant in helping rural Missouri grow and prosper again.  Not only will the cannabis industry directly provide employment opportunities, but the ancillary opportunities are plentiful.

Cannabis will also provide alternative medicine and allow patients to have access to their medicine without having to travel great distances to do so.  The dispensary allocations set by DHSS for each Missouri Congressional District was beneficial in helping rural Missourians receive the cannabis health benefits.

What is one thing you wish all Missourians knew about cannabis?

I really hope that all Missourians take the time to become educated about the benefits of medical cannabis.  I, too, was once skeptical and have certainly done an about face.  Many people are afraid and have had their opinions jaded.  I understand their concern, but believe in my heart, that if they do the same research that I did, listened to some patient testimonials, read an article or two, they would have an entirely different outlook. It is my fervent wish that every Missourian who has a qualifying condition reap the benefits of this natural plant!

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