St. Louis cannabis industry event may be smoke and mirrors

An upcoming seminar from Cannabis Talk Network has state industry leaders concerned after the same seminar organizers allegedly left some in Massachusetts high and dry.

Christopher Wright, founder, executive, and coach at Cannabis Talk Network has been affiliated with other industry events, including “Grow and Grow Rich,” which received negative press after some who invested put forth their money for investment and were subsequently ghosted.

Radio advertisements have been heard in the St. Louis area ahead of the events.

“Learn from the best in the cannabis business and create a path for yourself in this growing industry,” reads the Cannabis Talk Network event website. “Whether you are interested in growing, distributing, manufacturing, dispensing, real estate, ancillary or eCommerce, we have an educational program for you.

“You are invited to join us at this life-changing event and stake your claim in the booming green rush.”

WCVB 5 ran a report interviewing attendees of White’s Massachusets seminar, who collectively lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“The students said their credit was checked and the better the credit, the more money they were were asked to invest,” reads the report. “They said once Grow and Grow Rich got paid the deal and all the promises went up in smoke.


“Many who bought into Grow and Grow Rich’s programs put up their retirement money, rent and savings for a shot at success.”

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s office was looking into complaints about the company and watching the industry in general.

“My message to the public is, be really careful. If you want to get involved in this space don’t listen to middlemen who are out there looking to charge you money or up-front fees to give you advice,” Healey told WCVB. “With any new industry there’s always going to be bad actors for those who are looking to take advantage of or exploit others and I think that’s what we’re seeing here.”

The events are scheduled in St. Louis on January 2, 3, and 4.