Timeless launches first annual Cannabis Games

Timeless launches first annual Cannabis Games


Timeless Vapes, one of the most popular and widely recognized cannabis brands in the state, has partnered with recreational league organizer KC Crew to launch the Cannabis Games. This unique summer league competition will see local dispensaries competing in various sports, with the aim of normalizing cannabis use and fostering community spirit.

“We partnered with KC Crew to create the Cannabis Games as a way to destigmatize and normalize cannabis use in the sporting world,” said Trenton Warner, Missouri Field Marketing Manager for Timeless. “Our mission is to show that just because we consume cannabis, it doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible or can’t enjoy sports. We’re trying to give back to the community and show people that you can have a good time enjoying cannabis and sports while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

The inaugural Cannabis Games will feature leagues in five different sports, each held on a different night of the week. The competitions will run from June 16 through July 28, with registration closing on June 8. Participating dispensaries will field teams, and the winning dispensary will take home the coveted Cannabis Cup.

Timeless Cannabis Games

Players representing their favorite dispensaries will enjoy a range of benefits:
including an End of Season Party and discounted player fees with Timeless covering a portion of the fees. Additionally, each participant will receive a custom Cannabis Games shirt and exclusive Timeless product coupons.

At the end of the season, awards for league champions and the overall Cannabis Games winner will be announced along with prizes.
Scoring Points
Teams can earn points for their dispensaries through various means:
Winning Matches: Each match win earns 5 points.
Winning the League Tournament: Winning the tournament adds 25 points.
Purchasing Cannabis Products: Purchases earn 5 points for every $25 spent, with double points for Timeless products.
Warner highlighted the broader goal of the games: “Community is one of our pillars. We believe in giving back and engaging with the sports culture. Cannabis has many healing properties and is used by many athletes, so we want to support and highlight that.”

The Cannabis Games will include the following leagues:
Rec Sand Volleyball: Sundays at Berkley Riverfront Park, $55 per player, mixed 6v6.
Softball: Mondays at Penn Valley Upper Field, $62 per player, mixed 10v10.
Rec Pickleball (2.5-3.0): Tuesdays at Epic Center KC, $82 per player, mixed 2v2.
Intermediate Pickleball (3.0-3.5): Tuesdays at Epic Center KC, $82 per player, mixed 2v2.
Rec Sand Volleyball: Wednesdays at Berkley Riverfront Park, $55 per player, mixed 6v6.
Kickball: Thursdays at Penn Valley Lower Field, $55 per player, mixed 10v10.

Warner also shared the vision for the future of the Cannabis Games: “We hope that in the next few years, the games will grow to where dispensaries are even more excited to participate. Our goal is for this to become a statewide event, with cities across Missouri holding their own Cannabis Games and culminating in a large, statewide tournament.”

Join the Games
Kansas City area residents are encouraged to sign up, choose their favorite dispensary, and compete in the first annual Cannabis Games. Registration details and more information can be found here.