April marijuana sales follow a familiar pattern in Missouri

April marijuana sales follow a familiar pattern in Missouri


Missouri’s marijuana market continues to thrive. April 2024 saw dispensaries across the state maintain the state’s robust market performance, but also saw total dollars decrease from the prior month. In three of the last four years, March sales have outperformed April.

While a substantial portion of that dip may be attributed to discounts and promotions around the 420 holiday, the data is never the less interesting to explore.

In April 2024, Missouri’s legal marijuana sales totaled $120.10 million, comprising $15.50 million from medical marijuana and striking $104.60 million in recreational sales.

Monthly Trends and Market Growth

Since the commencement of recreational marijuana sales in February 2023, Missouri has seen a remarkable surge in revenue. February 2023 alone recorded a groundbreaking $102.90 million in sales, with recreational sales contributing $71.70 million. This upward trend persisted throughout 2023, with average monthly marijuana sales

However, 2024 began with a slight dip in January ($109.80 million) but quickly regained momentum in February ($113.40 million) and March ($124.70 million), reflecting the market’s resilience and sustained consumer demand.


By April 2024, total cumulative sales reached $2.411 billion.

While April 2024’s slight decrease from March indicates periodic fluctuations, the overall trend remains positive.

The market’s stability is bolstered by consistent consumer demand and increasing acceptance of recreational marijuana.

Missouri dispensaries are projected to sell more than $1.4 billion of marijuana at retail in 2024.