Heartland Labs brings home multiple awards for medical focused marijuana products

Heartland Labs brings home multiple awards for medical focused marijuana products


As the landscape of the cannabis industry continues to evolve, it brings with it a surge of innovation, a diversity of products, and a growing list of operators aiming to meet the nuanced needs of medical marijuana patients and recreational consumers. Amid a crowded field of product manufacturers, one company consistently stands out for its commitment to quality, innovation, and the health benefits of cannabis – Heartland Labs. This family-owned and operated enterprise has consistently demonstrated its passion for the plant and the people it serves.

2024 marks another milestone year for Heartland Labs, as the company garners accolades for its continued pursuit of plant medicine in product development. Winning awards for the Best Topical with its FECO Transdermal Patch and Best Capsule or Tablet for its FECO capsules, Heartland Labs solidifies its position as a leader in the medical cannabis space.

Heartland’s Director of Operations, Maddi Pearcy, was also recognized by Greenway readers as both Executive of the Year and Woman of the Year, underscoring the impact of her leadership and the esteem in which she and the company are held within the industry.

Heartland Labs’ success story is one of growth, dedication, and a deep-rooted connection to Missouri. From its inception, the company has prided itself on being a Missouri-native enterprise, with ownership and staff deeply tied to the state and its values. Despite its relatively smaller scale compared to some of Missouri’s cannabis operators, Heartland Labs has carved a significant niche for itself, driven by a passion for cannabis and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

“All of our products are developed in-house either using family recipes or formulas and techniques resulting in a personal ‘craft’ type outcome. We source as many local ingredients as possible resulting in both original and fresh selections for our Missouri market. We are family, a part of the community, we are Missouri born and raised and we strive for customer/patient satisfaction in every product we make,” explained Michael Pearcy, Managing Partner of Heartland Labs.

Pearcy recently took time with Greenway to discuss the successes of Heartland Labs and its future aspirations.

Michael Pearcy, Maddi Pearcy, and Hayden Pearcy

“Heartland Labs experienced incredible growth in 2023 with the implementation of Adult Use in the Missouri cannabis market. While we more than doubled our product output, we never wavered on our commitment to quality, safety, and customer and patient priorities,” Pearcy said.

What endears Heartland to patients and others in the industry?

We stand behind every product that we make. If a customer or patient has an issue with a Heartland product, we’ll make it right. Simply put, we try to treat everyone the way we’d want to be treated.

What does the legalization of marijuana for adult use mean for your company?

With the passage of adult use, it gives Heartland an opportunity to provide our products to a much larger client base. In the medical market the number of patients was a fraction of the total population. We take pride in the fact that Heartland produces the largest selection of Holistic products in Missouri. Products ranging from our award-winning Topical Salve and Transdermal Patches to FECO Capsules and Immune shots. Pain management and sleep deprivation are big focal points for Heartland. It’s a segment of the industry that we believe will not only endure, but will continue to grow.

With the launch of adult use, what changes did your company see or make in 2023?

Adult use demand required everyone on the Heartland Labs team to be at their best. Our staff accepted the challenge and continues to excel at all levels. We really have a staff that understands not only their specific jobs, but understands compliance and workflow synchronization for the end product. Communication is critical in all departments.

Can you tell me about some of the employees or leadership that help push your success?

We have a very diverse employee group which is one of our strong points. Everyone working together with genuine input and new ideas raises everyone’s game.

Can you tell me about the company’s community involvement?

Community involvement at Heartland revolves primarily around supporting Veteran’s organizations. Heartland is very active with the Disabled American Veteran’s (DAV). We have veteran leadership, so the fit is an easy one.

What plans are on the horizon for the company?

With Adult Use stabilizing, we believe that the best made products will continue to thrive. As sales fluctuate between new products and established-time tested favorites, the cannabis space will experience an increase in overall use. As Missourians grow accustomed to the benefits of cannabis, the antiquated narrative surrounding Cannabis will fade. Heartland will continue to provide outstanding products reflecting Missouri values.