Grön named Product of the Year and Best Gummy by Greenway readers

Grön named Product of the Year and Best Gummy by Greenway readers


Grön has established itself as one of the leading edibles companies in the cannabis industry in recent years.

An early entrant into the Missouri marijuana market, the growing brand has gained a stronghold in the state with it’s Mega Pearls line. This year, Grön was recognized as both Product of the Year and Best Edible – Gummy for the Grön Pearls Blueberry Lemonade 3:1. Behind the success of the company is Christine Smith, CEO of Grön, whose vision and leadership have propelled the company forward. Under her guidance, Grön has expanded its reach, touching new markets and cultivating a loyal community of cannabis consumers and enthusiasts.

With a recognizable product that is consistent from market to market, Grön has become one of the most respected brands of edibles in the country. Greenway recently spoke to Smith, who shared insights into Grön’s journey through 2023, its unique position in the market, and its plans for the future, offering a glimpse into the ethos that drives the brand behind the product. 

“2023 was an exciting year for Grön! Toward the end of 2023, we kicked off our East Coast expansion with our entrance into New Jersey, demonstrating our commitment to bringing innovative products to consumers across the U.S.,” Smith explained. “One of our very exciting projects in 2023 was the launch of our reformulated edibles made with rosin available exclusively in Oregon. Our decision to reformulate our edibles was based on our mission to provide an elevated experience that meets Oregon consumers where they are today. Similar to previous years, we spent a lot of time exploring new product formulations for 2024 and additional market expansion.”

Grön Pearls Blueberry Lemonade 3:1 named Best Edible Gummy for 2024

What about your company differentiates you from others in the space? 

Product innovation and consistency. Our company’s core mission is to bring new and different products to the market that our consumers have never seen before. For instance, our 1:1:1 Blackberry Lemonade Sugar-Coated Pearls infused with CBN were one of the first CBN products to hit the cannabis market and have since become one of Grön’s top-selling products. I believe that stems from its unique makeup, taste, and most importantly, sleep-inducing benefits that consumers seek. As a company, we also ensure that each of our products tastes the same, looks the same, and acts the same no matter what market a consumer is in. This model has fostered a loyal customer base that is truly unmatched. 

How has Grön made such an impact in the Missouri market? 

I believe our commitment to our consumers and the community has made a positive impact on the Missouri market. We started in the state under a medical license, flipped to adult use once the market turned recreational, and have continued to roll out our current product line to consumers and introduce new ones. Our team in Missouri puts a big effort into being present by visiting various dispensaries and seeing what consumers like and don’t like. I think we have built a strong sense of community here, and we have some exciting stuff in the pipeline for our Missouri folks! 

What does the legalization of marijuana for adult-use mean for your company?

Legalization to us means safe access to all consumers whether they are connoisseurs or canna-curious. Our company strives to help people through our products, and if we can continue to widen our customer base through more states legalizing, that excites us.

With the launch of adult-use in Missouri, what changes did your company see or make in 2023?

Missouri stood out as an early expansion market for Grön beyond the West Coast, marking our first foray into the Midwest’s adult-use market. This move provided us with invaluable insights into the preferences of Missouri’s cannabis culture compared to what we’ve observed in Oregon or Arizona. For example, we discovered a strong preference among Missouri consumers for the Cherry Limeade Mega Pearl, highlighting a flavor profile that resonates with the cannabis culture. Armed with this knowledge, we are now better positioned to tailor our strategy and product offerings to align with the tastes and needs of Missouri’s consumers. 

Can you tell me about the company’s community involvement? 

We are deeply committed to making a positive impact not only within the cannabis community but also across the broader communities of Missouri. Recognizing the importance of giving back, we encourage our staff to engage in community service by offering paid volunteer time off. This initiative allows our team members to support a range of local projects and causes that matter to them and our community.

What plans are on the horizon for Grön in Missouri? 

I can’t say exactly what, but 2024 will be an exciting year for Missouri in terms of new products and flavors.