SWADE Cannabis announces,“SWADE WAY TO WELLNESS,” a quarterly initiative offering deals on health related products

SWADE Cannabis announces,“SWADE WAY TO WELLNESS,” a quarterly initiative offering deals on health related products


From January through March, the Missouri-based dispensary will offer build-your-own-bundle deals on select cannabis-infused beverages, stirribles, tinctures, topicals and more 

SWADE Cannabis (Multiple Locations), the Missouri-based cannabis company by Beleaf Medical with five dispensaries across the state, announces “Swade Way to Wellness,” the first ever of a series of quarterly initiatives committed to educating consumers on the health-related benefits of cannabis through select deals and events. Starting Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2024, through the end of March, SWADE dispensary Bud Bars are your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis and wellness, offering bundle deals of up to 20 percent off on select cannabis-infused beverages, stirribles, tinctures, topicals and more. Cannabis-curious consumers can also shop SWADE’S extensive offerings of flower, concentrates, pre-rolls, edibles, and more. All SWADE products can be purchased on-site or ordered for pick-up online, with delivery available from the St. Peter’s location.

“We want to expand people’s awareness of the different ways to use cannabis outside of the traditional flower,” says Jack Haddox, Director of Retail. “For example, balms can be used for aches and pains without a psychoactive effect, and flavorless stirribles can be used in any beverage or food for those looking to cut back on drinking. There are so many new products coming out, and we are excited to introduce people to different types of consumption of this medicine.”


For its initial wellness-focused series, SWADE is partnering with Missouri-based High Five and Keef, as well as offering deals on their sister brands Amend and Sinse. Stop by any of SWADE’s bud bars for a BYOB, “build-your-own-bundle,” wellness experience. Guests can purchase two brands to receive 10 percent off, purchase three brands to receive 15 percent off, or purchase four brands and receive 20 percent off your total. See below for this quarter’s special offerings:

  • High Five STIRiBLES: STiRiBLES dissolve quickly into any beverage or food—making anything an edible! Each pack includes 10 5mg THC pouches of powder to mix in with drinks.
  • Keef Cannabis-Infused Sodas: These fast-acting 25 mg sodas come in variety of flavors, including Purple Passion, Pineapple X-Press, Mr. Puffer, Blue Razz, or Orange Kush.
  • Sinse LLS (Liquid Live Sauce) Carts: Sinse’s Liquid Live Sauce cartridges capture the essence of the live plant, which translates into complex, delicious flavors, and stronger medicinal effects.
  • Amend:
    • Amend 1:1 Tincture – Offers a balanced formula of THC and CBD that is easy to dose and keeps you in control of your experience. The combination of euphoric THC and body soothing CBD induces a pleasant sense of wellbeing with milder psychoactive effects.
    • Amend 1:1:1 Transdermal Lotion – Specially formulated to absorb into the skin easily and efficiently, silky smooth and pairs the latest in transdermal technology with nurturing, skin-loving ingredients.
    • Amend 1:1 Infused Balm – A soothing and fragrant blend of cannabis oil, beeswax, and plant extract oils, like lavender and lemongrass, combine to deliver an unmistakable sense of ease for the body and mind.

SWADE Way to Wellness deals are available through March at all dispensaries. To learn more about SWADE Cannabis, visit www.swadecannabis.com or check out their Instagram @swade_canna. Hours for Swade Cannabis Dispensaries vary, check your local dispensary hours before visiting.