Heartland Labs rolls out new half-gram hash joints

Heartland Labs rolls out new half-gram hash joints


Heartland Labs has become a cult favorite for Missouri cannabis connoisseurs, and Hayden Pearcy, Head of Extraction, recently spoke to Greenway about the rollout of the company’s new hash-infused joints.

The half-gram joints are meticulously infused with a harmoniously selected strain of concentrate and flower. This new offering promises an unrivaled experience for users seeking both flavor and potency in their smoking experience.

At the heart of the product is the pairing of select strains of concentrate and flower. Pearcy says Heartland has meticulously chosen combinations that complement each other, delivering a nuanced and rich flavor profile. The key to this enhanced experience is the post-curing process that the concentrate undergoes. This process not only optimizes the malleability of the hash for smoking but also elevates the overall flavor, making each puff a top-tier sensory experience.

What sets these joints apart is their potency and the promise of a slow, even burn. Ensuring that users can savor every moment of their smoking experience without the inconvenience of uneven burning often encountered in less meticulously crafted products, Pearcy said. This attention to detail reflects Heartland Labs’ commitment to quality and user satisfaction.

Designed for cannabis enthusiasts who appreciate the finer aspects of smoking, these joints are a testament to Heartland Labs’ approach to creating cannabis products with consumers and patients in mind. They are not just a smoking product but a carefully crafted experience that caters to both the novice and the seasoned smoker.

What specific strains of concentrate and flower are used in the new half-gram joints by Heartland Labs?

For the flower side of things, we decided to use material procured from Illicit Gardens: Gorilla Pie and KC Kush. For the concentrate, we used Lemon OG, cultivated by Flora Farms. We combined the two strains to give the flower a complexity, of sweet earthy notes, finished with a hint of lemon from the concentrate.

How did you choose your cultivation partners?

Illicit and Flora are amongst the oldest and most respected cultivators in the state. The quality of the material from Illicit and Flora is always consistent, fresh, and potent with strong unique terpene profiles. Those factors along with awesome people on both teams make choices like which cultivators to work with easy.

Can you elaborate on the post-curing process used for the concentrate and how it enhances the malleability for smoking?


We had to take a few extra steps in the post-curing process to ensure that the product would work. Like all other concentrates, we use a variation of heat, agitation, and pressure until the consistency has reached the desired point making it suitable for hash joints.

How does this new product differentiate from other infused joints in the market in terms of potency and flavor profile?

Traditionally companies take flower and roll it with kief, or will spray distillate/botanically derived terpenes onto the flower, or in some cases spray distillate on the outside of the joint then roll it in kief afterwards. While these are all great methods, we wanted to go in a different direction. Heartland Labs hash joints have no distillate in them, and no botanically derived terpenes or artificial flavoring added. They burn slow, even, and are extremely potent. The taste is true to cannabis, with the added flavor the hash brings, it truly is a great product.

What measures are taken to ensure a slow and even burn in these joints?

The hash is strategically placed in the joint to ensure an even melt, soaking the flower but not saturating the paper. From all outside appearances, it looks like a normal pre-roll.

Are there any special storage or use instructions for these joints to maintain their quality?

No, the lab specifically created a consistency to make it friendly for both hot and cold conditions. The storage and use instructions will be the exact same as a normal pre-roll. We wanted to make the experience not only enjoyable, but easy.

How does Heartland ensure the consistency of potency and flavor in each batch of these joints?

Our pre-roll team takes every step to ensure consistent blends are created, then we use different ratios of blends separated/spaced through the product to ensure consistency, quality, and potency.