Missouri brought in over $1 billion in recreational marijuana sales in 2023

Missouri brought in over $1 billion in recreational marijuana sales in 2023

In 2023, the state of Missouri witnessed a significant increase in marijuana sales, with a total of $1.34 billion in sales for the year, and cumulative program sales of $1.943 billion. These sales figures represent both medical and recreational marijuana sales. It’s important to note that adult-use recreational sales began in February 2023, which had a notable impact on the overall sales.

The year started with $37.00 million in medical marijuana sales in January. February marked the beginning of adult-use recreational sales, resulting in a significant jump in total sales to $102.90 million. Medical sales contributed $31.20 million, while recreational sales amounted to $71.70 million. In March, medical and recreational sales combined to produce the most successful dollar sales month of the year. Medical sales reached $32.70 million, and recreational sales increased to $93.50 million, resulting in a monthly total of $126.20 million.

From that point, and throughout the year, medical marijuana sales began to slide before becoming a full-blown fall. April medical marijuana sales registered just over $30 million, by December, monthly medical sales had fallen to under $17 million for consecutive months.

While there were fluctuations from month to month, the combined recreational marijuana sales success consistently drove the state over the $100 million mark. By the end of the year, in December, total sales reached $123.30 million, with recreational sales bringing in $106.50 million for the month, finally breaking the one hundred million mark for a month without the addition of medical sales.


As prices decrease and patient numbers continue to erode, expect to see Missouri’s medical marijuana sales continue to dip. While the $100 million monthly mark in adult use sales may not become an immediate trend, long-term adult use sales in Missouri will sustain and grow while the surrounding states lag in cannabis legalization and access.

The year 2023 was a significant one for the marijuana industry in Missouri. The industry crossed the 1 billion dollars sold mark multiple times. Total program sales crossed the billion-dollar mark in May, roughly two and a half years after the first legal medical marijuana sale. Just five months later, the state’s cannabis industry crossed the billion-dollar mark for annual sales. And at the end of December, Missouri had registered $1.036 Billion in adult use sales since February.

The introduction of adult-use sales propelled Missouri to become one of the fastest-growing and most successful cannabis markets in the state, experiencing substantial growth in total marijuana sales at a break-neck pace. The cannabis industry has become one of the most relevant new industries in the state since 2020, producing more than 20,000 new jobs during that time with over 19,000 licensed agents in the state.