“Good To Grow”: A Timeless collaboration with WyCo Vintage


In a unique fusion of vintage charm and contemporary innovation, Kansas City’s cherished WyCo Vintage collaborates with the cannabis lifestyle brand Timeless for an exclusive “Good To Grow” capsule collection. This collaboration is a celebration of family, cultural roots, and a shared journey of growth, showcasing a commitment to art, culture, and community.

At the core of this partnership is a familial bond and a shared passion for culture and community that transcends business. Timeless’ Tim Gutschenritter and WyCo Vintage founder Patrick Klima, cousins and culture enthusiasts, have woven their mutual appreciation for the evolving cannabis culture into this unique collaboration. This partnership represents a culmination of their brands’ spirits, uniting Timeless’s history of artistic collaborations and community engagement with WyCo’s vintage expertise and love of all things culture.

The Collection

The “Good To Grow” collection will be available beginning November 24 at WyCo Vintage’s midtown Kansas City store and online at wycovintage.com and www.alwaystimeless.com, and features several unique items:

  • Vintage Weed Shirts by WyCo Vintage: These shirts are a nostalgic trip through the history of cannabis culture, each representing different eras with vibrant colors and bold designs.
  • “Good To Grow” T-Shirts by Timeless x WyCo Wintage: Symbolizing unity and resilience, these T-shirts bear a logo that speaks to progress and the shared journey of WyCo Vintage and Timeless.
  • Timeless Flipcase and Battery Combo: Merging style with innovation, this sleek flipcase branded with the “Good To Grow” logo represents the growth in technology and style.
  • “Good To Grow” Flower Pot: A metaphorical vessel for nurturing growth, each pot showcases unique designs, symbolizing the diverse paths of WyCo Vintage and Timeless.

The founders of Timeless found their roots in streetwear and bring a unique flair to cannabis. As a result Timeless has a rich history of fusing art with cannabis culture, previously collaborating with various artists through their Artist Legacy Program. This program reflects the brand’s dedication to integrating art and cannabis culture, featuring artists like Tato Caraveo, Ashley Macias, APEXER, Tati Suarez, and John F. Malta. These collaborations embody Timeless’s commitment to art, culture, and community, setting a precedent for the “Good To Grow” collection.


This collaboration with WyCo Vintage and the full merch capsule not only ties together cannabis and culture but also represents the company’s ethos of spreading kindness.

In line with the collaboration’s motto, “it’s good to grow,” Timeless and WyCo Vintage will distribute branded planters and seed packets, merging the Timeless drip logo with the WyCo Vintage anarchy logo to partners throughout the area, a message of support and growth for those who support the local community.

To celebrate the collaboration, and in advance of the drop of the capsules in store, Timeless and WyCo will host a fashion show featuring vintage pieces with collaborative overbranding at the Timeless Headquarters in Kansas City on Saturday, November 18. This event showcases the extensive effort and nearly a year of planning that went into this project. Additionally, the “Good To Grow” capsule will be featured at the KC Night Market at Crossroads Hotel on December 6, providing a wider platform for this unique collection.

“Good To Grow” is more than a capsule collection; it’s a celebration of the shared journey and evolution of two families, merging the allure of vintage with the innovation of contemporary cannabis culture. It stands as a living testament to the power of collaboration, the beauty of growth, and the strength of family. Join WyCo Vintage and Timeless in celebrating this harmonious blend of past and present, roots and roses, vintage and Timeless.

To celebrate the launch customers can sign up here for a chance to win a Good To Grow capsule and a $100 WyCo Vintage Gift Card ($350 value).