It feels like we spent quite a bit of time in the past year or so really focusing on concentrate tools, or maybe it just feels that way to me.  BUT – we were looking forward to checking out the Davinci ARTIQ – for cartridges. 

Davinci , a favorite for those who prefer to consume via vape, sent us their new ARTIQ vaporizer and we’re a PUFF on this one.  Stick batteries that we all seem to collect unintentionally are great, but for those who invest in high quality vapes and want more control than a traditional stick battery offers.  

The design is sleek and not easily identified as a vaporizer, it looks more like a new tech gadget or case for said tech gadget.  Packaging for this device was high quality and for those who want to take it even further, visit their website and view the plethora of accessories available.  

We loved that this had some thoughtful solutions for things we complain about with other pieces.  Rather than having a button on the side of the tool, making it easy for a cart to heat in your pocket, they placed the controls on the bottom.  Temperature control is variable depending on your preference for vapor over flavor, flavor over vapor, or something just right for you.  ARTIQ has you, Goldilocks.  Did we mention it has haptic tech?  That means it vibrates when you need to be alerted, and we LOVE it.  


With a comfy pricetag of $59.99 and a warranty accessible by scanning the QR Code, this is a handy upgrade for vape fans and gets a definite Puff from us.


Want to see the video review? https://youtu.be/ljGEC6tlueo

If you want to purchase the ARTIQ : https://davinci.pxf.io/DK3eg5