Cloud Cover Cannabis brings thoughtfully crafted extracts to Missouri’s marijuana market

Cloud Cover Cannabis brings thoughtfully crafted extracts to Missouri’s marijuana market


Cloud Cover Cannabis has become one of the marquee brands in Missouri. 

Now the brand looks to take its approach of scaled craft cannabis to the extract market, with the state-wide rollout of Cloud Cover concentrates and full-spectrum vapes.

Initially launched exclusively at High Profile Cannabis Shop locations, the new Cloud Cover line of cured concentrates and full-spectrum vape cartridges began showing up on retail shelves throughout the state this weekend and will be available at dozens of retailers throughout the state.

Launching first with cured resin concentrates and carts, each Cloud Cover product is thoughtfully and meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of the brand and showcase the flower inputs used in production.

“All Cloud Cover concentrates and vapes are made exclusively with Cloud Cover flower from our state-of-the-art indoor cultivation facility,” explained Vishal Rungta, Co-Founder and President of C3 Industries.

“We want you to be able to smoke our Queso Perro flower, and then taste the same flavors and terpenes in the Queso Perro concentrates or vapes,” he said.

For Rungta and the team at Cloud Cover Cannabis, the key to success is that emphasis on quality and consistency.

C3 has seemingly perfected the model for multi-state operations. Following the launch of the Cloud Cover Cannabis cultivation facility, and the successful rollout of flower product, the launch of C3’s manufacturing arm went as smoothly as possible.

“We replicate the same model at each location, our facilities are ground up, new construction, built the exact same way with the same training, equipment, etcetera,” Rungta said. The facilities are designed and constructed to recreate the same successful workflow using the same standard operating procedures and the same materials and equipment that have yielded results in other markets.

Cloud Cover Cannabis vape cart and battery

With facilities in Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, and Oregon (and additional facilities in development in Connecticut, Illinois, and New Jersey), C3 has taken the guesswork out of results and has created a replicable model that can be used time and time again.


Cloud Cover flower is grown by cultivators trained at and brought in from other C3 facilities, ensuring that the genetics are cultivated in way that ensures the highest level of consistency possible. By controlling the cultivation of the plant material used in Cloud Cover extracts, and replicating the same model by bringing in team members and leaders from existing facilities, Cloud Cover avoids many of the pitfalls that new manufacturers face. There are no supply issues, there is little to no need to dial in, and the product produced in the first batches is on par with what is being produced at facilities that have been running for years.

White 99 Terp Sugar | Cloud Cover

While the business model creates uniformity, the leadership team at C3 ensures only the highest caliber of cannabis products are being produced with the Cloud Cover name.

“I’ve been smoking weed for as long as I can remember, and my brother, our CEO has been smoking even longer than I have,” Rungta said. “We don’t want to sell something we wouldn’t smoke.” 

“It’s not about coming in and making a quick buck for us. We have the business experience and want to build successful brands and strong businesses, but we are also very passionate about this plant and the products that we produce.”

That passion is what fuels the Cloud Cover brand from the top down.

By creating an environment built on repetition, the team at Cloud Cover has filtered out much of the noise and superfluous demands that bog down cannabis operators, allowing them to focus on the end-user and the product they produce.

That dedication and the passion for preserving the highest quality experience for Cloud Cover consumers is what separates the company from its competitors in a crowded market. The desire for a consistent, quality experience has led to innovation in packaging for the company as well. One of the key points discussed with Rungta was the way Cloud Cover concentrates are packaged. The team spent months sampling and customizing packaging to find the perfect combination to be able to seal in flavor and preserve terpenes.

Frozen Dessert Badder | Cloud Cover

“We understand that by the time product goes through testing, is stored, shipped, shelved, and finally sold, it can sometimes be a month or more,” he explained. “We want the consumer to experience Cloud Cover the way it was meant to be, with the full flavor profile and same quality as the day it was first produced.”

As with the launch of Cloud Cover’s flower, the company is working with dispensary partners to ensure that retail teams are as informed and educated as possible about what Cloud Cover offers and what separates the company’s concentrates and vapes from others in the market. Rungta says the company is proud of the products they produce and they want retail partners to be equally excited about what they’re able to offer to Missouri cannabis customers. 

Cloud Cover cured concentrates are available in 1-gram sizes in a variety of styles including Badder, Budder, Crumble, and Terp Sugar. Cloud Cover cured vapes are available in half-gram sizes and both the cured concentrates and cured vapes retail for $45 before tax. Both Cloud Cover concentrates and vapes showcase the same cultivars as Cloud Cover flower, embodying the terpenes, and flavor profiles that have made the company’s flower one of the state’s hottest flower brands. Expect more from Cloud Cover when live resin vapes and concentrates roll out state-wide in Missouri later this summer, and watch for limited drops and seasonal flavors along the way.