HiGH FiVE launches STiRiBLES, making cannabis consumption customizable

HiGH FiVE launches STiRiBLES, making cannabis consumption customizable


HiGH FiVE says the aim of the company is to provide Missourians with the quality cannabis products they deserve and to make more everyday moments feel like celebrations among friends.

With the launch of their newest product, HiGH FiVE STiRiBLES, the company brings convenience, versatility, and ease of use to patients and consumers. 

Not only can you infuse any drink with STiRiBLES, but you can use STiRiBLES to infuse basically anything from a salad dressing, or soup, or poured over your morning waffle. The ways in which you can use this product are endless. 

This type of product is the future for cannabis beverages, the company says. While infused beverages are great, and will always be a part of the industry, the HiGH FiVE STiRiBLES fast-acting, dissolvable THC powder allows you to turn your favorite beverage into a cannabis-infused experience. 

Launching with a 50mg pouch, including 10 – 5 mg packets, the STiRiBLES line will expand to incorporate different milligram dosages, ratio options, and a flavor line down the road. There are also future plans to sell this product in bulk formats for consumers to use at home in cooking and baking.

We sat down with HiGH FiVE’s Adolphus Busch, CEO at Teal Cannabis, to learn a bit more about the launch of STiRiBLES.

It will be a 50mg Pouch with 10 –  5mg packets per pouch, what’s the price point?

The product is currently $22 retail. This price will be dropping as we find the right equipment to automate the stick pack filling process. Currently, we are filling all of the individual STiRiBLES packets using tabletop depositors which is very labor-intensive and time-consuming. The price of distillate has also increased from vertical companies significantly. We have seen prices go from $6k per liter of distillate to $20k per liter of distillate which has put us in an undesirable situation. As we see prices fall and as we become more efficient in the filling process, consumers will see the price of STiRiBLES fall.

How did you achieve a fully water-soluble powder?

We utilize Ultrasonic Emulsification to achieve the fast-acting (nano) and water-soluble properties of HiGH FiVE STiRiBLES. We now have the ability to make fully water-soluble liquids and powders which allows us to create more fast-acting, nano products in the future.

Tell us about the ultrasonic emulsification process.

Without giving away our secrets, ultrasonic emulsification uses shock waves and acoustic cavitation to disrupt oil droplets resulting in emulsions with very small droplet size. In more simple terms, we use sonic waves to break apart the oil into tiny micro droplets which allows the oil to suspend evenly and more finely throughout. This increases the bioavailability of the active ingredient in the product and allows for much quicker onset and full water solubility.


How long did it take, or how many versions were produced before getting the formulation correct?

Our team is amazing! We ran through 2-3 inactive batches before creating our first active batch. We dialed the product in very quickly once everything was on site. However, we did years of research and preparation to actually bring the product to life.

The packets are unflavored, why make that choice?

Versatility and convenience! We will offer a flavored line in the future but unflavored allows consumers to use it any way they want! Whether that is infusing their drink, using it for cooking, or adding it to their food or sauce, the options are endless with an unflavored HiGH FiVE STiRiBLES THC stick pack.

Will there be flavors in the future?

Yes! However, we are focusing on more unflavored SKUs before we launch flavors.

Can STiRiBLES be used in hot products like tea or coffee as well?

Yes, tea and coffee are actually desirable because they are similar to water in terms of viscosity and they are warm which allows even faster homogenization. Think of it like instant hot chocolate. Sometimes the powder forms little pockets, but if you pop them it’ll dissolve with no problem! 

Do you have any recommendations for using STiRiBLES?

I have a few suggestions. The first one is to get creative! This product is so versatile that it does not have to be used just as a drink additive. Have fun with it! Add it to your morning coffee, infuse your salad dressing, infuse your syrup, use it as a seasoning for your Taco Tuesday get-together, or infuse your post-workout shake for some extra recovery benefits.

My second recommendation is how to properly use the powder. When infusing a drink, we recommend infusing the liquid first before adding ice. Add the STiRiBLES powder to the liquid or one of the liquid ingredients going into the beverage, stir or shake using a shaker cup, and then add the remaining ingredients and the ice. Sometimes the powder can clump up slightly if added after the ice in a beverage. Adding the powder to the least viscous liquid going into a beverage and stirring or shaking until the powder is fully dissolved before adding all of the other ingredients will help with full homogenization.

My last recommendation is to tell your friends about HiGH FiVE STiRiBLES! It is an amazing product and will put a smile on your face!