TYSON 2.0 hits Missouri dispensaries

TYSON 2.0 hits Missouri dispensaries


With the launch of TYSON 2.0, one of Missouri’s leading vertically integrated marijuana companies poises itself for long-term growth and success.

On Thursday, Organic Remedies became the exclusive brand partner for TYSON 2.0 in the state of Missouri. The licensing agreement brings one of cannabis’ most recognizable brands, and with it one of cannabis most recognizable advocates, the iconic boxer and entrepreneur, Mike Tyson, to the Show-Me State.

Tyson has been a long-time advocate for cannabis and has spoken candidly about his use of marijuana throughout his legendary boxing career and in the time after.

Mike Tyson | TYSON 2.0


“To us it isn’t so much Mr. Tyson’s celebrity that puts authenticity behind his brand, it is rather that he is truly a consumer and patient at heart,” explained Organic Remedies’ Cody Boyer. “He not only consumes the products he puts his name on, but he also depends on the products for his health and well-being. He has gone on the record stating that his life would have turned out differently had he unlocked the benefits of cannabis sooner. Mr. Tyson is a prime example of how cannabis can contribute to elevated wellbeing.”

“(Organic Remedies) adheres to a strict set of values, led by trust, integrity, and respect. Since we have been operating in the cannabis industry, we have espoused those values to our customers, patients, suppliers, investors, and competitors whom we call competi-mates. These values often lead to connections with like-minded individuals or companies, and that is exactly how we were connected to the team at TYSON 2.0,” Boyer said. “Their values and interest in supplying the highest quality cannabis products matched our own and we quickly struck a deal to be their exclusive producer and distributor in Missouri.”

That agreement means that Organic Remedies will be the exclusive partner for TYSON brand in the state, allowing the company not only exclusive rights to TYSON 2.0 and Ric Flair Drip, but also to the company’s renowned cultivars and genetics, allowing Organic Remedies to not only brand as TYSON 2.0, but to produce the same products that have become staples for cannabis consumers.

“We will slowly roll out the full line up of TYSON 2.0 products that patients across the U.S have come to know, love and trust with their wellness journey,” Boyer told Greenway.


TYSON 2.0 will launch exclusively in Organic Remedies locations over Labor Day weekend with events planned at locations across the state to celebrate.

A photo of the cannabis canopy inside the Organic Remedies cultivation facility.


“We will have an exciting day of events at all Organic Remedies dispensaries on September 1. Our brand ambassadors will be out to provide educational sessions and offer patients a look at what is to come from the TYSON 2.0 brand. In the future, Mr. Tyson will be making appearances at dispensaries and events throughout Missouri. And of course, there will be plenty of swag offerings.“

But the exclusivity doesn’t last long, as the company plans to roll out distribution statewide.

“It is our intention to deliver TYSON 2.0 products to all of our partner dispensaries as soon as possible. So, wherever a patient is accustomed to seeing Mo’ Dank, Salad, or Organic Remedies products they will almost assuredly see TYSON 2.0 very soon!”

“At Organic Remedies, we pride ourselves on listening to our patients to provide them with an unparalleled experience and a unique and distinct line up of medical cannabis offerings,” Boyer said. “Our brands Mo’ Dank, Salad, Eden’s Trees, and Organic Remedies have become staples for Missouri patients seeking relief in the form of the highest quality medical marijuana products. And we aren’t done yet. Over the next two months we will be announcing more brand partnerships that will provide Missouri patients with an even broader selection of products of the highest quality and efficacy.”

To learn more about TYSON 2.0, visit tyson20.com.

To learn more about Organic Remedies find the company online at organicremediesmo.com