Vivid follows up success of ‘Twice Baked’ Red Hot Riplets with the introduction of Red Hot Riplet Brownies, coming soon to Missouri dispensaries

Vivid follows up success of ‘Twice Baked’ Red Hot Riplets with the introduction of Red Hot Riplet Brownies, coming soon to Missouri dispensaries


THC-infused brownies – sold under Missouri’s Own brand – will feature famous chip seasoning 

Hot on the heels of the introduction of ‘Twice Baked’ Red Hot Riplets with St. Louis-based Snack Maker Old Vienna, Missouri cannabis manufacturer Vivid introduces THC-infused Red Hot Riplet brownies. The latest product to be sold under Vivid’s Missouri’s Own brand will debut at launch events Friday, Sept. 2, at Greenlight Dispensary at 6497 Chippewa and Swade Dispensary at 4108 Manchester. Red Hot Riplet brownies will be available at dispensaries statewide Tuesday, Sept. 13. 

Each two-brownie package of Red Hot Riplet brownies will contain about 30mg of THC (15 mg THC per brownie) and cost $18 (MSRP). When fully rolled out, the brownies will be sold at dispensaries across St. Louis. 

“We experienced a tremendous level of success with our launch of Twice Baked Red Hot Riplets with Old Vienna this spring – so much so, we were inspired to create and launch Red Hot Riplet brownies,” said Tony Billmeyer, CMO of Show-Me Organics—a Missouri owned cannabis company that operates Missouri’s Own and Vivid, among other brands. “Eating a Red Hot Riplet Brownie is a really unique experience because it begins as a normal chocolate brownie and finishes with an unmistakable Red Hot Riplet taste that is as surprising as it is nice.”

The Sept. 2 launch of Red Hot Riplet brownies coincides with Paint Louis 2022 – the annual, three-day Hip Hop celebration held in St. Louis over the Labor Day Weekend. At the event, renowned designer and artist Javyn Solomon will be on hand to paint the artwork he and fellow artist Brock Seals created to commemorate the Missouri’s Own and Red Hot Riplet partnership. Posters of this artwork will be given away at both Greenlight Dispensary’s Chippewa location and Swade Dispensary’s Grove location with the purchase of Red Hot Riplets chips or brownie.




Missouri’s Own is a brand of edibles from Vivid that launched in March. The brand celebrates Missouri’s vast botanical diversity with flavors inspired by locally cultivated fruits, such as Pawpaw, Raspberry, Concord Grape and more.  The gourmet gummies are vegan and made with all natural ingredients, and features branding inspired by Missouri’s rolling hills. 



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