Puff or Pass: RAW Six Shooter

Puff or Pass: RAW Six Shooter


When it comes to the cannabis industry, new brands are being released to the public each day at breakneck speed, and many times we see products available in other states that we can’t get in Missouri – YET.  But when it comes to familiar brands that are recognizable to most, RAW is at the forefront of the list.  Longtime producers of smoking accessories like rolling papers and cones, RAW is never silent when it comes to adding more accessories to make the cannabis consumer feel like they have a well-stocked tool kit.

For this review, we wanted to test the RAW Six Shooter.  The claim is that it’s easy for one to quickly and conveniently load 1, 2, 3, or 6 cones at one time.  In the interest of full disclosure, having used the “junior” version of this product, the RAW Cone Shooter, I had high hopes – no pun intended.  While I found success in loading cones with that particular gadget, it was slightly messy and I could only load one at a time.

Raw Six Shooter

The RAW Six Shooter is a very hard plastic shaped like a revolver in a pistol and you can load up to 6 cones at a time.  Unfortunately, while this is a great idea, the execution is far from flawless and was a disappointment for our testing.  The cones have to be placed in individual chasms and if the tops of the cone paper aren’t sturdy enough, the end result is that you only get a small amount of plant matter in each, and some collapse altogether.  Does it take practice to learn how to do it properly?  Yes, we know that’s typically the case with new tools, but the experience, in this case, was a letdown.  The apparatus feels clunky and as if it’s not quite put together well, and the instructions for use include “beating the device” to even out the level of fill.

Puff or Pass?


We like the simplicity of no mechanical parts, no batteries or power, but would we buy this again?  Our answer is no.  However, a few things will make this a better proposition – use drier cannabis – the sticky stuff is difficult to funnel into the holes and constant vigilance of the tops of the cones when filling would make this more useful.

This one is a pass for the RUN THC team.

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