High Scores: Oreoz Live Resin Badder – Good Day Farm

High Scores: Oreoz Live Resin Badder – Good Day Farm


Cannabis is a wondrous variety of plant, with many colors, shapes, sizes, and smells. The flower itself is remarkable in its medicinal value, aroma, and flavor, but what about the derivatives?

Known as cannabis concentrate, derived from the cannabis flower’s many resinous qualities, this concentrated form of cannabis has a much higher potency than your run-of-the-mill flower.

There are many different ways to process cannabis to extract it into a concentrated form. The most common methods of cannabis extraction can be broken down as either solvent-based (butane, propane, co2) or solventless (which uses an ice water bath). Cannabis can also be extracted by using heat and pressure, creating a product known as rosin.

Live Resin refers to a solvent extracted product, using flower material that was harvested and then immediately frozen, prior to extraction. Cured Resin is the same process but with a product that has been dried to completion. Live Rosin refers to the same freezing process, but then is turned into bubble hash using water extraction and the concentrate is subsequently pressed with a rosin press.

There are many different forms of concentrate that transcend beyond the extraction method.

Sugar Wax, Nectar, Shatter, and Badder, are some of the names used to describe these different extracted products. The names often correspond to the consistency o

It’s time to dive into the world of concentrates and see what delicious treats these Missouri cannabis companies have in store for us. (Note: Each type of cannabis concentrate should be evaluated and compared based on previous iterations of the product type – be it shatter, nectar, badder, etc. This is the only way I’ve found to remove bias and truly evaluate a product.) This review was completed while vaping the product using an e-rig similar to a Puffco. The device was cleaned and refilled with fresh water prior to testing.

Oreoz Live Resin Badder – Good Day Farm

The first sample we will be reviewing is Oreoz, Live Resin Badder, from Good Day Farm, purchased at Green Releaf.


Oreoz is a cookie strain variety composed of a cross between Cookies & Cream X Secret Weapon from 3rd Coast Genetics. This genetic caught my eye on the menu because Oreoz has been a very popular genetic for a few years now due to its beautiful array of purple white and light green colorings as well as the rich creamy pastry flavor. I was excited to get home and try this one out.

When I opened the container I noticed immediately the perfect consistency and presentation of a softly rolled, near-white ball of concentrate. I put the container up to my nose and the nostalgia came bursting back with the wonderful cookie aroma with the fresh pastry smell mixed in. I was very impressed with this product on first inspection, it was not only an excellent representation of the genetic, but was a top tier quality packaging and presentation job. Very well done.

  1. Visual Appearance Score 9 – It was visually pleasing with a very light off-white color balled in the center of the container. There were no visual impurities. (impurities refer to plant matter that was not properly screened out during the extraction process)
  2. Smell/Aroma Score 8 – The smell was very appetizing, making me feel the need to taste it. It wasn’t the strongest aroma as the more cake genetics often aren’t, so it lost a couple of points for that.
  3. Consistency Score 10 – This is exactly what badder should act like when you begin to agitate it. It was very soft with a slight stickiness. Not so sticky that it was hard to get off the dabber but sticky enough that it stuck to the dabber when I started to manipulate it.

At this point, it’s time to try it out. I load the badder in the device and start heating it up, the device tells me when it’s ready to hit and there is no crackling due to moisture or remaining solvent and I start to pull. Immediately fresh pastry flavor smacks me right in the mouth on the inhale. The concentrate is smooth and I’m able to take probably way too big of an initial hit on a product I’ve never tried. As I exhale, the many sweet creamy pastry tones illuminated my taste buds. I’m absolutely floored with the flavor, smoothness and potency after the first exhale.

  1. Moisture/Solvent Score 10 – There was no presence of excess moisture or solvent. No crackling as the product heated.
  2. Initial Flavor Score 9 – The flavor was remarkable, equal to some of the better cake genetics I’ve ever dabbed, however, the cake flavor is not the most robust in the flavor spectrum.
  3. Harshness Score 10 – There was no harshness and that was almost to my detriment because I took a massive hit that filled the room with smoke on the exhale.
  4. Exhale Flavor Score 9 – I was smacking my lips together like I was in the donut shop deciding on what pastry to have. Truly impressive.

I sat in my chair for a second stunned. Not only did I not cough (big cougher when it comes to dabs) but I was lit up like a Christmas tree (very potent.) I might have sat still staring into space for 10 minutes before I snapped back to reality. I could tell right away that this product was going to be great for anxiety. I felt nothing but euphoria and thought about nothing, literally nothing. The stresses of the world fell away and for me that is an incredibly valuable effect. This product was so desirable for me, that I burned through it in a day and have since gone back to Green Relief to purchase more.

  1. Potency Score 10 – This product hits hard. Do not medicate with this if you have a meeting or any important paperwork to do. You will likely not do it.
  2. Effect Score 10 – The anti-anxiety effect of this product mixed with its potency makes this product very sought after.
  3. Repeat Excitement Score 10 – There is nothing like trying a cannabis product that floors you so much that you must go back immediately and purchase more for fear that they will run out before you can do so. I almost never get this excited about a cannabis product.


Total Score 95/100

Grade: A

In conclusion, I highly recommend this product for any patients dealing with anxiety problems or depression issues. This truly took my mind off of the troubles of daily life. I would recommend using this product after stressful situations and not before due to its high potency and couchlock effect. This product set my mind at ease but didn’t particularly make me feel tired which is also a plus with a genetic like this. All in all this will be a staple in my hash collection for as long as I have access to it.