Impactful Canna Reform Coalition Says NO to LegalMO 2022


ICRC Encourages Missouri to Vote NO on November 8th 

 State Representative Ashley Bland Manlove and a group of concerned citizens have started a coalition to inform Missourians of what is on the line and what they are exchanging for the “LegalMO 2022” petition. 

“The capitalism monster loves to exploit you, and that is what’s happening with this petition.  Myself and like-minded community partners realized people from politicians to Bob on the street didn’t know the details. We want to make it known.” Rep. Bland Manlove 

The Impactful Canna Reform Coalition (ICRC) is comprised of local entrepreneurs, active community members, and concerned citizens who have read between the lines and want citizens to know how this constitutional amendment will impact them. 

First, there is no changing it. This petition would place this reform firmly in the Missouri  Constitution; therefore, it can only be revised by a constitutional amendment. While the amendment process is already arduous, this petition further hinders possible changes by restricting legislative oversight of departmental activities. They are silencing the people’s voices by removing their representatives from the process. 

Next, this petition introduces new stop-and-cite language that would apply to both medical and recreational cannabis users. The petition creates new fines for public consumption and new misdemeanor charges after the third offense of possession, production, gifting, or delivering more than three ounces (3 oz). These new civil penalties and misdemeanors open the door for more citizen stops and could allow more room for law enforcement escalation.

Third, those who are released and have their records expunged will be left in the same position they were before they were incarcerated. Our poor carceral education and workforce programs leave individuals with few new skills upon re-entry. Without this progressive rehabilitation during incarceration, individuals are more vulnerable to repeating the mistakes that caused their run-ins with the law in the first place. 

Finally, and so importantly, there is no social equity in this petition. Black people are four times  (4x) more likely to be arrested for marijuana offenses than their white counterparts. This petition introduces no new funding to create a direct pathway to ownership of a facility or additional educational or business training. 

LegalMo 2022 is not right for Missouri. We, too, believe Missourians should have the right to consume cannabis medically or at their leisure recreationally without undue or unnecessary government interference. There are bipartisan bills that have been introduced in the State  Legislature that address marijuana reform with a more holistic approach. Language has been introduced that allows Black people, women, and other minorities to be a larger part of the conversation and participate in the growing market by providing starters loans for minority-owned marijuana businesses funded by application fees. Proposed legislation addresses criminal justice concerns by including automatic expungement for non-violent marijuana offenses,  removing cannabis from the controlled substance statute in Missouri, and removing the crimes of marijuana possession, delivery, and manufacturing from state statute. These bipartisan bills also introduce language allowing businesses to incorporate cannabis into their menus, drinks, and themes, providing a new and exciting economic boost for the hospitality industry and providing more taxable revenue to the state. 

It is important that your voice is heard. Get involved to ensure the best cannabis market for  Missourians. 

Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Voter registration for the general election ends on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Register to vote or check your registration at 


About Impactful Canna Reform Coalition 

Ashley Bland Manlove, State Representative, 26th District-Kansas City 

Markwan Gordon & Rebecca Oakman, Founders, WyldKard Lyfestyle Veteran Creative Lifestyle Brand Alycia Hightower, COO, The Natural High Company 

Makeda Peterson, Founder, Inyanga Herbal Remedies 

Andrew McDowell, Co-Founder, Funky Skunk 

Mac Mayberry, Major Pac 

Media Contact: 

Ashley Bland Manlove 

(816) 799-5707