Brands to Watch: HiGH FiVE

Brands to Watch: HiGH FiVE

2021 was an exciting year for cannabis nationally, but in Missouri 2021 was the first year of being fully open for business for the state’s medical marijuana industry. With more opportunity and expansion, operators and brands are growing bigger than ever. With that in mind, Greenway has put together a list of the Brands to Watch for 2022. From homegrown talent and design to out-of-state players looking to make a big impact, these are the brands to know in 2022.
While Teal Labs made its debut in 2021, the company’s HiGH FiVE brand has seemingly flown under the radar at times. Despite eye-catching packaging, great brand design, and a consumer-friendly product and price point – HiGH FiVE products often don’t get the recognition they deserve in a crowded gummy and edibles space in Missouri. With the recent launch of the company’s High Potency line and a burst of new flavors hitting dispensary shelves in 2022, expect that to change and expect to see a lot more attention on HiGH FiVE.
Greenway recently spoke to Teal Production Manager, Shelby Waggoner, and CEO, Adolphus Busch, about what makes HiGH FiVE unique and what drives the brand.

Huckleberry Lemonade Pure THC gummies 100 mg package | HiGH FiVE

“Our goal is to provide patients and consumers with their proper dose of cannabinoids through easy to use and convenient delivery methods. We strive to lighten the social stigma of cannabis through education and a fun, approachable, and laid-back vibe,” Busch explained.
For Waggoner, HiGH FiVE is about, “Making sure your gummies are produced with the satisfying precision of a well-rehearsed high-five! With that being said, it’s about providing the ‘higher education’ we think is crucial in understanding what cannabis is and how it can affect the body, all without losing the fun side of cannabis as well.”
“We have 5 standards that we focus on,” she told Greenway.

  1. High sourcing standards. We don’t buy what we wouldn’t try!
  2. Provide high quality offerings. Everyone has that friend who always brings the best stuff. The best ideas. The best goods. The best scoop. We strive to be that friend. And we want you to be, too.
  3. Deliver consistent quality products. We do our best to maintain that “craft” feel, all while automating as many steps as we can to ensure consistency, but with some love too.
  4. Working with like-minded partners.
  5. Lift everyone up. We focused solely on micro dosing in the beginning because we wanted everyone to feel included. For someone that was new to cannabis, like me, a little bit can go a long way – so eating one gummy was ideal. But to someone that would be considered a connoisseur, they can enjoy more than one and still get the same effects.”

Busch echoes that sentiment, saying that the High Five brand is a product of “Collaboration, Continuous Improvement, and Customer Commitment.”
“Through these values, we are able to work with each other and our customers to better understand what our customers want, continue to strengthen our product offerings to fulfill those needs, and deliver quality products to our consumers time and time again.”

Strawberry Watermelon Pure THC gummies 100 mg package | HiGH FiVE

What went into the design and execution of your packaging and presentation?
“High Five was a name that I had been holding onto since college,” Busch said. “The name meant something to me as it is a happy gesture that fits the industry and products well and subtly pays homage to my ancestors.”
“Thanks to our amazing marketing and advertising partners, we were able to design a unique, approachable brand that really translated well onto packaging. Our goal in packaging was to design something simple, fun, and approachable that was convenient for any social setting.”

What new products can we expect from HiGH FiVE in 2022?
“We are working on a flavor mapping project right now for both the low potency and high potency offerings. We plan to launch several new flavors in the Pure THC 100mg lineup and just launched our High Potency THC line right before 420. By the end of 2022, our goal is to have six amazing flavors for the Pure THC 100mg line and four flavors for the High Potency 500mg line,” Busch explained.
Two of those new flavors that HiGH FiVE is rolling out are Sour Green Apple and Sour Blue Raspberry. The PURE THC line packs 20 gummies per package at 5mgs each, the new High Potency line quintuples that amount, delivering 25 mg per gummy and a total package volume of 500 mg.
Unlike many of the gummy products on store shelves, HiGH FiVE gummies are not vegan. “We use a gelatin formulation that allows us to create a true gummy texture, similar to that of a gummy bear or a gummy worm,” Busch explained.
“At High Five, we strive to normalize the social consumption of cannabis through micro-dose formulations and convenient delivery methods.”
You can learn more about HiGH FiVE online at or on social media @TryHighFive