Teal looks to make a splash in the Missouri cannabis industry


Adolphus Busch V has found his calling in the cannabis industry, and in a few short weeks, Busch will help introduce Missouri’s patients to a new way to medicate.

Ahead of the company’s launch to market, Busch took time to speak with Greenway about the facility and what patients can expect from Teal.

Teal Labs | St.Peters

“Our goal is to provide forward-thinking brands, innovative products, industry education, and stringent compliance to the industry and the patients of Missouri,” Busch said.

Teal Labs possesses two manufacturing licenses, with facilities in St. Peters and St. Louis.

The St. Peters facility houses 8,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. 

“The facility was built from the ground up and designed strategically to reduce steps and cross-contamination while increasing productivity,” Busch explained. “At Teal Labs, we utilize a hydrocarbon extraction technique that allows us to create a wide variety of products while maximizing yields and potencies. We are manufacturing several brands at Teal Labs St. Peters, with more in the development phase. It is our goal to provide consistent, quality products to the patients of Missouri at affordable prices. Product compliance, education, and safety are the cornerstones of our operation.”


With the launch of Teal St. Peters, Busch says patients can expect to start seeing Teal Cannabis products on dispensary shelves soon. He said patients could count on Teal Cannabis to provide consistent, high potency pre-rolls and concentrate products available in various strains. 

“Our concentrates and our extraction methods are the bread and butter to all of our wonderful products,” Busch said. “We have some amazing products we are launching with and some incredibly unique products and formulations in the works. We are excited to share these new products and formulations with the patients of Missouri in the near future.

“With that said, it is important to note that we have gone above and beyond to source the best and safest vape pen hardware on the market for our Teal Cannabis brand. We use hardware that has the most advanced atomizer technology and stainless steel components to ensure there is never any leaching of heavy metals into the oil. This is a huge step in the right direction for vape pen hardware and technology. Heavy metal leaching has been a problem in this industry for some time and with our hardware, we eliminate that issue in order to keep our patients safe. Additionally, we use a rechargeable disposable so that you never have to worry about getting through all 500 mg of oil when using our hardware.

“We have deep knowledge on our team when it comes to concentrate extraction,” Busch said. “We use different ratios of hydrocarbons to extract our concentrates in order to get the desired color and retain the true strain profile. Our concentrates will launch in small batches so that we can maintain the quality we (and our patients) desire.”

Teal Cannabis will launch with an initial product line including 1 g whole flower pre-rolls, 500 mg cartridges, 500 mg rechargeable disposable vape pens, and 1 g concentrates, with more products to follow.

“Teal Cannabis takes a sophisticated approach to cannabis by focusing on plant and product education, product quality, and consumer safety in order to create the products our patients want and need. We are launching with our Core line of products, but we will be launching our Effects based line and Connoisseur line in the near future,” Busch told Greenway.


In addition to Teal Cannabis, Teal Labs will also manufacture another new line – HiGH FiVE Cannabis. 


“HiGH FiVE is our edible brand,” Busch said. “We are launching 100mg gummies in two different flavors and will be launching additional flavors, ratios (1:1 THC/CBD), and high potency gummies shortly after the initial launch. At HiGH FiVE, we are also in the process of developing some unique products that will be great for the patients of Missouri.”

At launch, patients will be able to find HiGH FiVE gummies in two flavors: 100mg Huckleberry Lemonade Gummies (20-5 mg gummies per pack) and 100mg Strawberry Watermelon Gummies (20-5 mg gummies per pack) with more flavors and formulations already in the works and some already developed.

“The HiGH FiVE Cannabis brand is all about normalizing the social consumption of cannabis. HiGH FiVE products are developed to fit the needs of all patients, regardless of whether you are new to cannabis or a seasoned consumer. HiGH FiVE focuses on microdose formulations of 5mg THC or less; however, we will be offering some higher dose options for the patients that are in need of higher dose medication. We strive for consistency in microdose products in order for our patients to dial in their dose to the exact amount that works best for them. We are bringing some unique flavors to the market and are excited about the amazing flavor.”


Busch continuously reiterated that quality and consistency are key, especially with manufactured products, and made it clear that Teal Labs prioritizes patient experiences with all of their product lines.

“For Teal Cannabis, our pre-rolls are NEVER rolled with trim. We roll all of our pre-rolls with whole flower, and we make sure that each and every one is rolled properly and is within our acceptable variance.” Busch continued, “Our core line of cartridges and disposables are filled with distillate and terpenes, we never cut our cartridges with anything that is not 100% natural. We infuse a flavorful but also safe amount of terpenes so that consumers know we are looking out for their health when it comes to terpene potency.” 

Busch told Greenway that both of the Teal Labs brands are developing proprietary formulas and technology, and the team is excited to share more details in the coming months.

Teal Labs also has another brand in the works, with an announcement expected in early 2022.


While Busch and the Teal team gained experience in the legal cannabis industry in other states, he emphasizes the passion that they have for their Missouri roots.

“It means a lot to the Teal team to be able to provide jobs for Missouri residents and to bring a dream to life right here in our home state,” he continued. “Teal’s ownership group consists of individuals who were born and raised here in Missouri. We built our facility from the ground up on land owned by one of the Teal owners,” Busch explained, “The land has been in their family for decades and has always been used for agricultural purposes.”

“We are passionate about the plant and its benefits. Our team has several decades of combined cannabis experience and could not be more excited to share our experience with the patients of Missouri,” Busch concluded.