State releases manufacturing licenses

The State of Missouri released infused product manufacturing facility licenses Friday, January 10. Below is a list of facilities licensed. This post will be replaced with the full list, when released by DHSS.

This information has been provided by the consultants or applicants and has not been verified by the DHSS. (This list order does not imply rank or score.)

  • Heya
  • Red Tractor
  • Monarch
  • Beleaf
  • Happy Days
  • CAMP
  • Bootheel Canna Care
  • Agri-Genesis
  • 5151 Processing
  • KindBio
  • Noah’s Arc
  • New Growth Horizon
  • Standard Wellness
  • Clovr
  • GreenLight
  • BTMD
  • Vertical Enterprises
  • Teal
  • Curador
  • Blue Arrow
  • Greene Fox
  • 1913 Holdings
  • Motacann Holdings
  • SLCC
  • CannaVer

If you have received a license and want to be added to this list, please email


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