Interactive, compliant health portal steers St. Louis-based cultivator-manufacturer

Manufacturing and cultivation license applicant KindBio was conceived by bioscientist, Kurt Heidrich, and his wife, culinary expert Beth Heidrich who are taking a scientific and safety approach to patient needs.


“We really think that there is a definitive science void in cannabis cultivation,” Beth Heidrich said. “My husband has been in biotech for over 20 years. We decided when the amendment passed, we could use the latest molecular breeding technology to make a serious impact in the science of cultivation.”

Heidrich said with their specialization, they can cultivate medical cannabis in a way to increase yield and reduce side effects. They plan to begin cultivation with a variety of strains and adjust cultivation based on patient feedback through their HIPAA-compliant health portal.

“The health portal is key to our business and how we will develop new strains,” Heidrich said. “That’s how we’re going to reach out to patients to build a relationship with them to aid in strain development. We have reached out to many health care professionals and they understand the portal we are putting together and how it will help us create strains and improve individual health by integrating science with personal biomarkers and also develop loyalty to us and our dispensary partners.”

Heidrich said the portal is one of the biggest things that sets their facility application apart. The portal will enable patients to interact with the facility in a completely confidential manner in moderated medical forums through questionnaires and feedback. The facility will provide additional support for patients from partners and retailers.

The KindBio team is as experienced as they are passionate, sporting decades of legal market experience. Beyond the founders, Dave Ross is KindBio’s Chief Compliance Officer and has 30 years of hospital and legal administration. Dave has been President and CEO of several hospitals including Barnes-Jewish St. Peters and Phelps County Regional Medical Center in Rolla, Missouri. Dr. Robert Mazur, a member of their Medical Advisory Board is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and an urgent care medical director. He was nominated to the United States Military Academy by Vice President Walter Mondale in 1977. After graduating from West Point, he served 24 years on active duty, as a helicopter pilot, then a flight surgeon, then as an emergency medicine physician. “As a physician, I see an opportunity to significantly advance the medical use of cannabis through KindBio’s innovative and unique product refinement. No other company is approaching cannabis development in this manner. That’s why I wanted to be a part of their initiative.” – Dr. Robert Mazur

Xander Benziger, the Director of Extraction is a Ph.D. Chemist. Fitz O’Neill is the Cultivation Director with 20 years of legal hands-on cannabis growing experience. Mark Waterman, another member of the cultivation team has graduated from the prestigious program at University of California, Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Farm Systems in Ecological Horticulture. Nathan Wolff, the Director of Strain Development has years of experience in legal cannabis in Colorado and Washington state. Nathan has managed large scale gardening projects for several years including Earthdance Organic Farm School in Ferguson, Missouri. Matt Tao is on the cultivation team and attended California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA  in Agricultural Systems Management with 1st honors There he became a Certified Agricultural  Irrigation Specialist. Matt went on to the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ  for Biosystems Engineering / Sustainable Plant Systems.

Nick Zotos is one of two executive chefs. Chef Nick has overseen the culinary operations at Mike Shannon’s Restaurant Group and St. Louis University among others and has been showcased at the prestigious James Beard House in NYC. Dr. Rudy Polido – a retired pastor – is Chief of Community Outreach. The team’s Chief Technology Officer is a soon-to-be-retired c-level executive specializing in blockchain security.


The medical advisory board is comprised of four medical doctors who will work to develop the health portal, including what people want from their medical cannabis. With their molecular breeding technology, KindBio will be able to remove undesirable side effects and directly address specific health issues and limitations.

The portal will also offer coupons and discounts for indigent and veteran patients. KindBio will not be on the retail side of the industry but is set to distribute in the St. Louis area and expanding statewide. They will offer flower, oil, vape products, edibles, and more. Heidrich said there will be a focus on edible micro-dosing options. They also plan to produce Keto-friendly products.

Looking at the future of the cannabis industry in Missouri, Heidrich looks at patient numbers and looks forward to normalizing cannabis therapy.

“We want to offer them the best choices in their cannabis therapy,” Heidrich said. “I didn’t expect this many patients this soon.”

KindBio has applied for cultivation and manufacturing facility licenses in St. Louis.


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