Clovr prepares to offer extensive inventory in statewide dispensaries

Vertical facility applicant Clovr plans to bring as much variety in products for patients as they have in experience.

Director of Marketing Bethanie White told Greenway Magazine about Clovr’s experience – from lending to security to, of course, marketing.

“Our CEO/President is involved in the technical support, IT, and security operations of marijuana cultivation, extraction, and dispensary facilities in both Colorado and Nevada,” White said. “Our other CEO/President is on the MoCannTrade board as the Governmental Affairs Chairman and his regulation knowledge and communications with the different municipalities and DHSS have been vital to the application and business plan process.”

Clovr’s Director of Cultivation brings experience from both traditional agriculture combined with cannabis cultivation experience from a grow in Rhode Island and has a Ph.D. in Biology from MU focused on plant growth and development.

Clovr’s investor is a Missouri native, involved in the cannabis industry in Colorado as a real estate investor and approved private lender. He owned various real estate properties in the Denver area that were leased to retail and cultivation cannabis facilities. He also went through and passed, the vetting process required to be a private lender by the State of Colorado and Marijuana Enforcement Division which allowed him to be able to provide lending to various cannabis companies in the Denver area. He also owns a Kansas City Metro-based agency that provides human resources, accounting, and marketing for seven Denver-based dispensaries.

The Clovr team applied for 5 dispensary, 2 manufacturing, and 2 cultivation facility licenses. Dispensaries are spread throughout the Kanas City metro area.

“From the beginning, we wanted to be vertically integrated to ensure quality and consistency of product from start to finish to ensure patient safety,” White said. “One way to be more confident is to be a part of the entire process. Cannabis oil can be used across so many consumption methods we knew manufacturing is vital in diversifying our products. Second, we wanted to be able to work with some of our favorite brands from other states and bring those home to distribute in Missouri. They know how to make a good chocolate bar, gummy, or cola and we know how to extract cannabis plants. It’s a good fit.”

White, pictured far right, with the Clovr team.

Though designed vertically, Clovr plans to expand its inventory beyond its own products by working with other facility licensees.

“However, we know that there are other excellent growers and manufacturers in Missouri that will have great products as well,” White said. “We want to offer a diverse selection to our patients and we know that means bringing in other brands. We hope to be a favorite of our patients but we understand different brands may have different effects for different people and we just want to make that available to them.”

Clovr’s goal? “Safe, consistent, and effective products for the patient.”

“As we have seen in other markets, there isn’t a catch-all consumption method for patients,” White said. “We know that not everyone wants to just smoke a joint or eat a candy bar. Our goal is to bring a variety of consumption methods for any type of lifestyle or patient; including flower, vape pens, salves, patches, tablets, edibles, tinctures, and even suppositories.”

With all that out of state experience, White’s outlook for Missouri is good, foreseeing “constant growth and evolution.”

“The Missouri population has already shown its desire to medicate using cannabis and we continue to prove that as the patient numbers surpass expectations,” White said. “With that growth, there are bound to be growing pains. The state of Missouri has already done a fantastic job of learning from other states that have legalized and their processes. They have stayed on the timeline and have been very responsive. I think that trend will continue as more bumps occur (and they will, we are all human and learning) we will learn and evolve. I also see medical marijuana becoming a need for people who don’t qualify as a patient. We are missing a large “over-the-counter” user that doesn’t have chronic pain, for instance, but would rather use a cannabis product for headaches, menstrual cramps, etc. This population will see an adult-use market sooner than other states, I predict.”