Dispensary Recommendations: Your Budtender’s Favorite Summer Flavors

Dispensary Recommendations: Your Budtender’s Favorite Summer Flavors


Each month Patients asks a handful of the best dispensary representatives from around the state to give a recommendation for their favorite, or the most popular, product at their dispensary. Dispensary staff give their recommendations based on personal preference, personal taste, or customer feedback. If you’d like to nominate your favorite budtender or dispensary, drop us a line.

Check out what some of Missouri’s best are loving right now.

SINSE Fire | Sinse

Austin Knebel | SWADE Cannabis

SINSE Fire infused pre-rolls are my favorite new product and the best 1g infused pre-roll, in my opinion. The real difference is in the quality. It starts at a high THC percentage (upwards of 50% total THC), with premium flower and infused with wax for maximum potency. SINSE Fire doesn’t have added terpenes, so you can taste the difference in the product.

With hand-selected Tier 1 SINSE strains, paired perfectly with strain-specific wax, experience an unparalleled full-spectrum flavor, without relying on added terpenes. The pre-rolls rotate flower and wax to keep the product fresh and are machine-rolled for supreme consistency and a slow burn, so you won’t get tired of smoking the same thing.

The wide mouthpiece tip offers better airflow for huge rips, too. You can find SINSE Fire varieties such as Grape Gas x Cheetah Piss, Hashburgers x Cornucopia, and Gelato 41 x Sky High, it’s a great product to keep your smoking experience interesting and new.

Blueberry Clementine flower | AMAZE Cannabis

Ellie Corwin | Green Releaf – Troy

This is blueberry clementine from AMAZE, and the reasons why I love it: super tasty, beautiful buds, a hint of blueberry and a splash of citrus. The most creative indica hybrid. I love blue clem.

LA Kush Cake flower | Vertical Cannabis

Calvin Scott | Vertical

This is the LA Kush Cake from Vertical Cannabis, it has to be one of my favorite indica strains of ours, with a very sweet and creamy flavor like a slice of cake with ice cream. Its potency is always high and consistently is a go to choice for a relaxing experience.

Wounded Warrior Breath Flower | Bouyant Bob

LilliAnna | Terrabis – Springfield

My favorite product is Wounded Warrior Breath by Bouyant Bob.

Are you feeling any type of pain? Anxiety? Maybe you just need a good night’s sleep; Wounded Warrior Breath is the strain for you! A very fresh smooth taste that is very similar to the smell, and an uplifting creative cerebral effect that leads to all over relaxation throughout the entire body. If you’re looking for any type of relief, whether it be physical to mental pain, or even just downtime after a busy day, Wounded Warrior Breath is your go-to strain! This indica dominant strain will definitely leave you indi-couch!