Missouri marijuana sales see uptick in May

Missouri marijuana sales see uptick in May


Missouri reaches $2.5 billion in cumulative sales of legal marijuana

Missouri’s marijuana sales reached $123.7 million at retail in May, a 3% increase over April.

Breaking down May’s total sales, $108.2 million were generated by recreational marijuana purchases while medical marijuana accounted for $15.5 million in sales.

These figures reflect relative stability in both markets – with adult use sales reaching +$100 million in four of the last six months, as medical marijuana sales have hovered between $15 million and $17 million since October of 2023.

Comparing pre- and post-legalization periods reveals significant trends.


Between March and December 2023, average monthly sales were $113.12 million, with medical marijuana contributing $21.99 million and recreational sales adding $91.13 million. In 2024, from January to May, average monthly sales rose to $118.34 million, with medical sales declining to $15.42 million, while recreational sales increased to $102.92 million.

Monthly marijuana sales figures | Greenway

Missouri’s marijuana sales exhibit distinct seasonal patterns.

March typically shows the highest sales increases, driven by spring promotions and consumer behavior. This year, March sales rose by nearly 10%, followed by a slight dip in April before rebounding in May. Historical data indicates that March sales have consistently shown increases, with April total dollar sales decreasing slightly.

The summer months from June to August, tend to be a stable period for sales, with relatively little fluctuation in total dollars – but July does see a slight sales bump over the surrounding summer months each year in Missouri.

Cumulative sales of legal marijuana in Missouri reached $2.53 billion in May, with $1.79 billion coming since adult use sales began in February 2023. Recreational marijuana accounts for $1.45 billion of that total, while medical sales account for $346.10 million during that time.