A Growing Network: How Missouri’s largest cannabis trade association is aiming to help microbusiness licensees

A Growing Network: How Missouri’s largest cannabis trade association is aiming to help microbusiness licensees

Missouri’s cannabis industry continues to expand with the introduction of microbusinesses, which offer new opportunities for underrepresented communities. To support these small-scale operations, Missouri Cannabis Trade Association has tailored its next quarterly meetup to highlight and educate microbusiness operators in the Missouri cannabis market.

MoCann Trade has been a stalwart since the beginning of Missouri’s legal marijuana market.

As the Missouri market has evolved and changed, MoCann Trade has continued working to find ways to best serve members.

For Missouri’s newest licensed marijuana businesses, there have been questions about what membership in MoCann Trade would mean for operators that are all single-entity operations.

“Joining MoCann as a microbusiness licensee provides a range of benefits including policy impact, organizational support, access to resources and networking opportunities, discounted membership fees,” explained Melissa Khan, Associate Executive Director of MoCannTrade.

A largely successful history of advocacy and opposition inside the state’s Capitol, combined with an evolving but positive relationship with Missouri cannabis regulators has made MoCann trade a force unlike any other in the cannabis space nationally.

Andrew Mullins | MoCann Trade

“We ensure there’s sensible policy impact through our established relationships with regulators,” said Andrew Mullins, Executive Director.

Aside from the benefit of providing a voice to the microbusiness licensees, the Association is aiming to foster a collaborative and friendly environment for independent operators to network, build relationships, and gain insight from other licensed marijuana businesses.

“Everyone works together at MoCann, it’s very collaborative and friendly,” Mullins noted. “Being part of MoCann allows microbusinesses to benefit from the collective knowledge and efforts of the entire industry.”

While the majority of MoCann’s membership is now made of operators with multiple licenses, the association is carving out space specifically for microbusiness licensees.

Ensuring microbusinesses have representation in the industry and a seat at the table, Mullins explained. “We’ve included microbusinesses in our industry committees, ensuring they have a voice,” he said.

Next week, a bulk of Missouri’s marijuana industry will gather in Kansas City for MoCann Trade’s Quarterly meeting and a special Missouri Cannabis Microbusiness Meetup.


The event, set for June 4 at the Stoney Creek Conference Center in Independence, is designed to help microbusiness licensees and applicants connect, learn, and grow within the industry.

Microbusinesses can participate in panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and an industry expo, interacting with licensed operators, brands, and experts Khan told Greenway.

“Our events provide vital educational opportunities and industry networking to help microbusinesses succeed,” she said.

Melissa Khan | MoCannTrade

Licensed operators, brands, and service providers will be on hand to display their products and services. This expo offers microbusiness operators a chance to interact with industry leaders and gain valuable insights.

The panel discussion titled “You Won a Microbusiness License, Now What?” will take place from 3 to 4 p.m. featuring industry leaders, including John Mueller from Greenlight Cannabis, a Missouri-based vertical operator with 31 dispensaries in six states; Nathan Kaminsky from IT This, a cannabis industry cybersecurity and managed service provider; Jenny Germano from ICS Consulting, a woman-founded cannabis compliance consulting firm; Matt Kilby from Advisory Academy, providers of cannabis-specific staff training, compliance, and quality management services; and Sarah Bantz from Smith Patrick CPAs, who are cannabis-focused certified public accountants specializing in financial reporting and consulting, and John Payne from Amendment 2 Consultants, a cannabis industry consultancy, with David Brodsky of West Egg Cannabis Partners moderating.

The panel will discuss the operational, legal, and compliance aspects of running a marijuana microbusiness.

Khan, who is involved in organizing support for microbusinesses, emphasized the importance of visibility and the benefits of joining MoCann Trade. “Integrating microbusinesses into MoCann Trade allows them access to resources and support available to larger operators,” Khan said. “This includes industry events, networking opportunities, and policy advocacy.”

The Missouri Cannabis Microbusiness Meetup is one of the first significant steps of many initiatives by MoCann Trade to support these microbusinesses licensees.

As the industry grows, the association remains committed to fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment.

For more information on MoCann Trade and to register for the Missouri Cannabis Microbusiness Meetup, visit MoCann Trade’s website.