ASI announces exclusive training partnership with Rootwurks

ASI announces exclusive training partnership with Rootwurks

Cutting-Edge Safety Training Platform Combines Forces with ASI to Streamline Education

Proper education and training is a cornerstone to ensuring consumer product safety and compliance, which is why product safety leader ASI is collaborating with EdTech experts at Rootwurks to provide one-of-a-kind, world-class training programs.

Rootwurks is home to ‘The Most Affordable Accredited HACCP Certification Course on the Market.’ This course will now be offered to ASI’s clientele through the exclusive partnership, along with other sophisticated compliance tools such as checklists, guides, on-demand learning modules, assessments, internal auditing tools, and customizable learning plans.

Rootwurks aims to simplify tedious on-the-job training required for food and cannabis manufacturing. This partnership will result in various educational programs tailored for the industry, drawing on Rootwurks’ training and EdTech expertise and over a century of auditing experience accrued by ASI’s subject matter experts.

“We are always on the lookout for ways to leverage technology to enhance our services, and the Rootwurks platform is not only on the cutting-edge of innovation, it is also user-friendly and easy for our clients to quickly implement,” said Tyler Williams, CEO of ASI.

Rootwurks’ Founder Chase Eastman spent more than 15 years in food manufacturing safety, compliance, and workforce training, witnessing how difficult these demands can be for industry professionals before introducing the platform.


“Our mission from day one has been to help food and cannabis companies manage the daily safety, training, and compliance obligations of both industries and create a culture of safety in the workplace, something that will be far easier to accomplish now that we have joined forces with the experts at ASI.,” said Eastman.

About Rootwurks

Rootwurks represents the culmination of 100 years of combined knowledge in EdTech and safety training gained while establishing the world’s largest food industry training provider. The company’s flagship product is the Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform (LXP), a training and compliance platform designed to help companies meet their regulatory demands and provide access to expertise when and where they need it.

About ASI

ASI is a member of the Kiwa Group and a leading food safety auditing, training, and consulting company based in St. Louis that’s provided farm-to-fork food safety solutions since the 1940s. ASI supports your organization’s efforts to maintain only the highest product safety and quality standards and offers a full suite of safety and quality solutions to the food and beverage, dietary supplement, consumer goods, and most recently, cannabis industries. ASI respects the challenges of keeping up with highly regulated industries and ever-changing audit requirements, so we are consistently dedicated to making the inspection or certification process as smooth as possible. ASI Food Safety is accredited by ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, as an SQF Certification Body. More information about ASI and its services can be found on ASI’s website