Your Mother’s Day gift guide for your cannamom

Your Mother’s Day gift guide for your cannamom


Mother’s Day is coming up May 12th, so now is the time to shop for your stoner moms out there. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but if you want to go a little extra this year, we have recommendations for you. If you need help finding something, look no further. 


Ripple PURE 

If Mom is not much of a smoker, then I recommend the Ripple dissolvable powder.

An easy-to-use answer to medicating. Ripple comes in a 100mg with 10 individual – 10mg packet servings. You can add this to literally anything, which is what makes it so convenient.

Another plus is they are fast-acting with an onset time of 15-30 minutes.


AMEND Balm 1:1  

Ask any mom in your life if her back hurts and I guarantee most will answer with yes. The doctor that approved my medical certification used to be an obstetrician (OB) who helped deliver babies. She told me that pregnancy and the process of carrying a baby in your body for 9 months changes the way your back and spine sit for the rest of your life.  

The AMEND Balm is a lifesaver for those everyday aches and pains we get as we age. Not only is it soothing, but it is made with a blend of lavender and lemongrass giving it a nice fragrance. This is not psychoactive and is good for those who do not like smoking.



Elevate Disposables 

Elevate is one of the few disposables I trust not to fail me.

All Elevate products are 20% off in most dispensaries through May 12th which makes this the perfect addition to your Mother’s Day gifts.

These disposables are nice because they have everything ready to go. 

Elevate disposables offer the perfect solution for when a mom who does not have time to take a break but needs something to help her unwind.  



Sweeten up your Mom’s next session with these premium sugar-flavored and vanilla-flavored wood-tip pre-rolled tubes! Made with ultra-thin 100% European-sourced refined white rolling paper and capped with a wooden, flavored filter tip, these pre-rolled tubes will elevate any smoking experience. Available in packs of 5 loaded into a travel-friendly cigarette-style flip-top box, these premium pre-rolled tubes are designed to burn slow and evenly.

These are my new favorite cones by far. There is just something about the wood tip that sets the whole vibe when smoking. The glass tipped ones are super nice too, but the wood is just a classic.  

The vanilla-flavored wood tips are so great for the morning. It pairs quite nicely with coffee, I must say. If you want to start her day off right Sunday, pack one of those for her and watch the kids so she can go on a coffee run.  

I have not tried the pack machine yet, but everyone I have talked to has given raving reviews so if you want to be even more extra grab one of those bad boys, too. Everything I have tried from this brand has been top-tier so far.