Why more moms are using cannabis

Why more moms are using cannabis


The intersection of motherhood and cannabis takes on many forms including wellness regimens, interpersonal relationships, and navigating social stigmas.

As cannabis legalization has seen increasing support, the stigma around cannabis consumption steadily decreases. But for moms, normalization is often an active decision.

Mothers who use cannabis still face stigmas despite the drug’s growing acceptance, particularly in areas where it is still illegal or socially taboo.

Mothers may encounter discrimination from colleagues, relatives, or other parents, making it difficult for them to have open conversations about their use.

But for those who embrace cannabis for its therapeutic or relaxing benefits, consumption offers an alternative from alcohol in social settings and a holistic approach to health.

Moms are embracing cannabis in a variety of ways, from creating supportive networks, discussing consumption openly with friends, and interacting with other mothers in a casual context.


Mothers are including cannabis into their self-care regimens. Using cannabis to aid in treatment of mental health afflictions from stress to anxiety or depression. Moms are also including cannabis in their physical fitness. This may include adding cannabis to yoga and meditation routines or utilizing skincare products enriched with cannabis for peace. For active moms, cannabis aids in recovery and helps alleviate pain and inflammation.

The most popular reasons new moms are consuming cannabis are to treat anxiety, tension, or postpartum depression. While other moms find cannabis to be beneficial in disconnecting from daily stresses and to be more present and engaged with their children. 

While there are nearly innumerable reasons to embrace the medical benefits of marijuana – for many moms, using cannabis—whether it be through edibles, vaping, or smoking—has become a social activity. Wine Wednesday has been replaced by Weed Wednesday, with moms choosing cannabis over alcohol to elevate the mood at social events from book clubs to dinner parties.

Mothers who use cannabis share experiences, tips, and resources about parenting, life, and cannabis usage in online communities and support groups designed just for them, or may find comfort in listening and learning from one another at social gatherings. Mothers who support one another talk freely about any issue without worrying about being judged.

Moms who consume cannabis question conventional ideas of parenting and self-care while reflecting changing attitudes across the board. We can learn more about the dynamic growth of modern parenthood and the wider public acceptance of alternative wellness methods by examining the complex interaction between cannabis and moms.

The increasing usage and acceptance of cannabis by moms for a variety of causes, as a medical treatment, a rest and relaxation aid, or as a social interaction lubricant, is an example of changing shifts in both the perception of cannabis and of the role in self-care for parents.