Good Day Farm celebrates 420 with Palindrome Collection drop

Good Day Farm celebrates 420 with Palindrome Collection drop

Good Day Farm has announced the release of their Palindrome Collection, a new lineup of exotic cannabis cultivars set to hit Missouri dispensaries this week.

The collection launches in celebration of the date 4-20-2024, a palindrome, it reads the same forward and backward. This unique occurrence has inspired Good Day Farm to offer something special to its customers.

The Palindrome Collection is a collection within the Good Day Farm Exotics portfolio, including several new and exclusive cultivars, each with distinctive flavor profiles and effects.

“To celebrate this momentous occasion, we are dropping a new line of exotic genetics,” explained a spokesperson from Good Day Farm.

Good Day Farm

The collection aims to provide a more diverse selection of cultivars than typical drops, allowing consumers to explore a variety of effects and tastes.

“Rather than single, new strain drops which only allow consumers one flavor profile and cultivar to try, releasing a collection provides opportunities for more consumers to get involved and find their new favorite.”

Featured cultivars include Candy Pave #13, with aromas of fruit candy, fuel, and earthy mint, and Dunk Contest #2, combining the lineages of Apples & Bananas and Gary Payton to create a flavor profile of earthy kush, fresh fruit, and diesel.

Dunk Contest #2 | Good Day Farm


Other cultivars in the collection include Honeycomb Pave #5, Grape Junky #7, Malibu Mirage, and Vice City #7, each offering unique aromatic blends and effects.


“These genetics feature highly sought-after lineages like Pavé, Gary Payton, Apples & Bananas, and Jet Fuel Gelato – lineages that dominate the West Coast markets and have become genetic sensations. They differ from the previous genetics we have brought to Missouri in that they offer new lineages and backcrosses. These are the latest and greatest in the top breeding communities and we are the only cultivator in Missouri that will be bringing these specific genetics into the market.”

Honeycomb Pave #5 is an intriguing combination of Big Face and Pave genetics. This cultivar is celebrated for its delightful blend of tropical candy, floral bouquet, and sweet cream aromas, underscored by a subtle hint of gas. Its unique profile elicits feelings of happiness and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for consumers looking to unwind while enjoying a cheerful mood boost.

For its part, Grape Junky #7 stands out as a pure indulgence for grape flavor enthusiasts.  This cultivar combines Animal Mints with Grape Gasoline, offering a grape candy aroma complemented by gassy undertones. The rich, fruity, and potent profile of Grape Junky #7 make it a wonderful twist on traditional flavor. Grape Junky #7 will be a late arrival to the Show-Me State, trickling in to select dispensaries behind the initial release.

Candy pave #13 | Good Day Farm


While the initial launch features 3.5g flower jars, the company plans to expand the collection to include concentrates and pre-rolls made from these cultivars in the future.

The collection will be available for purchase both as individual eighths and as the whole collection, with a price point set at $40 per eighth. It is expected that the top-performing cultivars from this first harvest will remain in production for future harvests, ensuring that popular choices continue to be available for Missouri consumers.

The Palindrome Collection is now available across Missouri, including in Good Day Farm retail locations and other dispensaries.