Head Change voted Best Concentrate in Missouri

Head Change voted Best Concentrate in Missouri


In the cannabis industry, quality and consistency are paramount.

Curador, one of Missouri’s most highly regarded manufacturers stands out for its excellence and authenticity. At the heart of Curador’s success is Head Change, a brand that has become synonymous with premium cannabis concentrates, distinguishing itself in a crowded marketplace through unparalleled quality and unique offerings. Peter Seay, CEO, and the team at Curador ensure that the company is more than its brands, but a lifestyle, deeply embedded in the culture and community of cannabis enthusiasts. “Our success is driven by our entire team, reflecting our commitment to being a culture-first organization,” Seay said. “Every one of us is a leader in some way, and it’s this collective leadership and teamwork that propels our success. It’s the shared values, dedication, and effort of every team member that truly make Curador what it is. Singling out any individual would detract from the collaborative spirit and the achievements we’ve built together.”

2023 marked a year of significant growth and expansion for Curador, underscoring its commitment to meeting the growing demand while ensuring quality and consistency, with an increase in infrastructure and staff. “This expansion was essential, as we are physically outgrowing our current space,” Seay explained. “Our investments in infrastructure and personnel were crucial steps for our future growth.”

Head Change, in particular, captured the attention and loyalty of consumers with its premium concentrates, forged through exclusive relationships with cultivation partners, ensuring offerings that resonate with quality-seeking users. This commitment to quality, coupled with a deep understanding of the cannabis culture from a patient’s perspective, has made Curador a beloved name among Missouri’s cannabis community and beyond.

Head Change concentrates stand out in a crowded market primarily due to our premium quality, the use of exotic inputs, and a constantly evolving menu. What truly sets us apart is the exclusive relationships we maintain with our cultivation partners, allowing us to offer unique drops that aren’t available to our competitors,” he said. “These factors combine to make Head Change concentrates both appealing and unique, offering customers a distinct and high-quality experience that can’t be found elsewhere.”

Greenway recently asked Seay about the successes of Curador and Head Change following the selection of Head Change‘s Florida Bear Claw Live Rosin as Best Concentrate in Greenway’s Best of the Industry awards.

Head Change

What endears your company to consumers and others in the industry?

Curador resonates with patients and others in the industry because we were built by cannabis patients, for cannabis patients. We’re deeply aligned with the culture and understand both consumers and budtenders. We focus on creating products that we ourselves would enjoy, prioritizing quality and experience in everything we do. We hope that this personal connection and commitment to excellence is what endears Curador to those we serve and work with in Missouri.

What does the legalization of marijuana for adult use mean for your company?

The legalization of marijuana for adult use means significant growth for our company. We’re expecting increased demand, which has already required us to expand our team and enhance our infrastructure. This growth, however, also brings supply chain challenges that we’ll need to navigate carefully. Overall, it’s a period of scaling up and adapting to meet the needs of a broader market.

Head Change

With the launch of adult use, what changes did your company see or make in 2023?

With the launch of adult use in 2023, our company underwent significant changes. We quickly outgrew our existing facility, leading us to expand and add on to our infrastructure. Additionally, we introduced new SKUs to cater to the broader and more diverse needs of the recreational market. These changes were essential in adapting to the evolving landscape and meeting the demands of our expanded customer base.

Can you tell me about the company’s community involvement? 

Curador is actively involved in the community through various initiatives. We organize several company volunteer events each year. For instance, at Sk8 Liborius, our team volunteered to help clean up and prepare the space for the skate park expansion. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire, but we’re eager to assist in the rebuilding efforts once they find a new location. Curador is also involved in local STL based- grassroots cannabis movements and events, working with groups like the COLA Lounge.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re increasing our community investment. Each employee will receive two days off each year dedicated to service, allowing them to support a local non-profit or cause of their choice. We have also just announced a Company match for employee donations to non-profit organizations. This commitment to community involvement is a core part of Curador’s values and mission.

What plans are on the horizon for the company?

Looking ahead, Curador is focused on strengthening our local roots in Missouri. Unlike many companies in this space who view Missouri as a mere stepping stone, we see it as our foundation. Our plans involve growing our community involvement and continuing to develop the best cannabis products available. We’re committed to deepening our connections within the community and consistently improving our product offerings, ensuring that we remain a key contributor to Missouri’s cannabis industry.