GreenFrame recognized for Best Industry Innovation

GreenFrame recognized for Best Industry Innovation


In the dynamic world of cannabis, the spotlight often shifts toward those who not only navigate its complexities but also innovate and redefine its boundaries.

One such beacon of innovation is GreenFrame, a unique take on the idea of pushing data and information to consumers, GreenFrame has been heralded for its contributions and for presenting a consumer-focused platform for companies to build educational and informative materials about individual products and brand stories.

Each year Greenway asks readers to submit nominations for those leaders, companies, brands, products, and businesses they have deemed to be the Best of the Industry. The top nominees for each category are selected to be voted on by readers. Awards oversight is provided by a committee of industry and advocacy professionals who contributed in a variety of ways. A nomination or win showcases a company or individual as an industry leader in Missouri’s cannabis space. As the industry has grown, categories have been added and subtracted. This year the handful of categories were removed, while product categories were expanded to better showcase the variety of the market. Additionally, Greenway created an Editor’s Choice Awards section. Categories were selected based on input during the nomination period and the initial winners were selected by a group of editors and contributors.

This year’s winner selection for Best Industry Innovation, chosen by the panel, was GreenFrame.

Greenway recently spoke to the Founder and man at the helm of GreenFrame, Tim Pickett. We asked Pickett about exploring innovation, and the challenges and successes that have marked GreenFrame’s path in Missouri’s rapidly expanding cannabis industry.

Vivid x GreenFrame


What makes GreenFrame unique in the cannabis industry?
GreenFrame offers a one-of-a-kind 3D experience that empowers budtenders and customers with detailed product information, including strain types, cannabinoid profiles, and more.  This technology not only elevates the customer experience in dispensaries by providing a platform to make a more informed purchase decision, but it also allows budtenders easy access to new and ever-changing product information.

What does the legalization of marijuana for adult use mean for GreenFrame?
Widening the audience so that people can discover the benefits of this plant is a game changer in this space.  We now have the chance to educate and help create a more informed customer from the moment they walk into a dispensary.  This can lead to a lifelong relationship full of benefits for themselves, the dispensary, and the brand.

With the launch of adult use, what changes did your company see or make in 2023?
We were able to increase the amount of information to appease both the educated user and the new consumer.  Both get to experience the 3D innovations, now with a broader range of visually appealing information.

marQaha x GreenFrame

Can you tell me about some of the employees or leadership that helped push your success?
Cameron Baumgartner, our 3D Specialist, is the one who turns the product into an experience.  His knowledge and skill have taken GreenFrame’s technology to the next level.

Noah Ilbery is not only our outstanding Director of Technology, but he also is an Adjunct Professor at Webster University, teaching 3D modeling techniques to students.

Sydney Hahn is our Director of Account Services and is the welcoming face that greets our new clients and plans out the inner workings of our partnerships.

Nick Mantia is the brains of the organization.  He makes sure everything functions correctly and always works in tip-top shape.

Jeff Peters is our Business Development master.  He consistently spreads the word and builds invaluable relationships for GreenFrame.

Katrina Troy is our fantastic Art Director/Mizzou grad living in NYC.  She makes everything pop!

Talha Imtiaz is our Quality Assurance guru.  Nothing gets by him.  He can spot an issue from a mile away.

Can you tell me about the company’s community involvement?
We are a proud small business sponsor and active member of We Are Jaine, as well as the Missouri Cannabis Trade Association.  On top of partnering with some of Missouri’s best brands, like Vivid, Buoyant Bob, Amaze, Revolt, Heya, Chimenea x kuLi, and SoGanja, we also have a GreenFrame Budtender of the Month, where we go out to dispensaries and feature some of Missouri’s best budtenders!

What plans are on the horizon for the company?
Our goal has always been to put Missouri on the map for industry innovations and heightened dispensary experiences.  Future plans involve expanding GreenFrame’s reach to additional markets across the country to help bridge the knowledge gap on the plant in all its forms.