Good Day Farm named Company of the Year

Good Day Farm named Company of the Year


Best of the Industry 2024 – Company of the Year

In 2023, Good Day Farm solidified its position as a pivotal force in Missouri’s booming cannabis market, which saw remarkable sales milestones that underscored the industry’s rapid expansion.

While Missouri experienced a significant uptick in marijuana sales in 2023, following the legalization of adult use marijuana, Good Day Farm has also grown and expanded, becoming one of the state’s largest operators with cutting-edge cultivation and manufacturing operations and more than 20 dispensaries spread throughout the state.

“What an exciting year! Missouri entered the adult-use market in February, setting the tone for a busy and successful 2023. Some of our favorite highlights from the year include introducing our beloved Good Astronaut, cultivating and bringing 27 new exotic genetics into the market, crafting our fan-favorite infused pre-rolls (Super J’s), launching several strain-specific marketing campaigns, and working with over 100 dispensaries in the state so that consumers can easily find GDF products,” proclaimed Roxanne Dennant​​​​, Director of Brand Marketing for Good Day Farm.

Good Day Farm, celebrated for its bold approach to business and a strategy of market saturation that ensures access to and competitive price points for cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients throughout the state, was recognized this year by Greenway readers, named Company of the Year and Best Brand for 2024.

2023 was been a landmark year not just for Good Day Farm but for the entire Missouri cannabis industry. Retail sales saw unprecedented growth, roughly tripling the monthly averages previously recorded in the medical marijuana market, encouraging a flurry of new products and brands to enter the market. It is market leaders like Good Day Farm that help propel the industry as a whole.

Greenway recently spoke to Dennant about the company’s successes and what lies ahead after a year of remarkable growth and opportunity.

“We’re looking forward to an incredible 2024, bringing more high-quality cannabis-infused products, superior exotic genetics, and exciting retail events to the GOOD people of Missouri! It was a busy year, but it was just the beginning for Good Day Farm!”

Titty Sprinkles | Good Day Farm

What endears your Good Day Farm to others in the industry?

Our commitment to helping people have more GOOD days through our distinguished cannabis genetics, strains for every budget, new and innovative cannabis products, well-designed stores, and knowledgeable staff. Good Day Farm’s seasonal, limited edition gummy flavors, like Baked Apple Pie and King Cake, and Go Pens, such as Cosmic and Rose Kush, delight our loyal customers each year, too!

We focus on every part of the cannabis process, from seed to sale. We are dedicated to every patient/consumer’s cannabis journey, whether they are brand new to cannabis or a canna-connoisseur. People know that they can trust our products, feel welcome and comfortable shopping in our stores, and leave with a smile on their faces. Our care for cannabis, consistency, and the community has built an incredibly loyal following!


What does the legalization of marijuana for adult use mean for good Day Farm?

Primarily, it means that more people have safe access to clean plant medicine and can, therefore, have the option to choose “plants over pills.” Adult-use cannabis opens the door to comfortable and safe access to lab-tested, trusted products. With a greater number of people and their diverse needs coming into the market, we pushed the limits of innovation and created a broader product portfolio to meet all our customer’s needs—from the canna-curious to the cannabis connoisseurs.

With the launch of adult use, what changes did GDF make in 2023?

We made many exciting changes to meet the growing consumer base’s needs. By increasing our genetic and strain portfolio, we are proud to offer an incredibly diverse variety of cannabis flower in necessary categories, like sativa, hybrid and indica, flavors and aromas, and terpene and cannabinoid portfolios. We developed new effect-based day/night products such as Rise n Shine Gummies with THCV + ginseng and a Night Night Vape Pen that is a great partner to our fan-favorite Night Night Gummies. In total, we developed and launched over 75 new SKUs in 2023, and we have more in store for 2024.

Can you tell me about some of the employees or leadership that help push the company’s success?

Everyone at Good Day Farm, from employees to leadership and executives, helped create and push our success. We have a “One Team, One Dream” mentality and couldn’t do what we do without every single person working as hard and passionately as they do.

Can you tell me about the company’s community involvement? 

Community is everything. Community involvement, giving back, and supporting the communities that support us are pillars of our mission and vision at Good Day Farm. This past year, we worked with the nonprofit Realm of Caring to create a bridge between medical cannabis patients/consumers and doctors who are committed to cannabis as a medicine. This partnership with Realm of Caring is incredibly impactful to our patients and consumers looking for more detailed care and recommendations for specific conditions and ailments. We also donated to Head  For The Cure, a foundation committed to defeating brain cancer. Additionally, we partnered with the Last Prisoner Project in our markets to spearhead a writing campaign that urged state policymakers to release non-violent cannabis offenders from prison. From our staff to our incredible patrons, we proudly sent over 2,000 letters!

What plans are on the horizon for the company?

To keep it simple — more GOOD cannabis, GOOD products, and GOOD stores! Our commitment to innovation will continue, our dedication to the best cannabis genetics in the world will continue, and our continued development within our retail stores to provide the best cannabis shopping experience consumers can find in the great state of Missouri will absolutely continue!