High Scores: Packwoods Packs Unicorn Sherbet 2g Disposable

High Scores: Packwoods Packs Unicorn Sherbet 2g Disposable


In the crowded space of vaporizers and cannabis oils, finding a standout product can be challenging.

The market is heavily saturated, making the options at times overwhelming, and, candidly, many vapes don’t stand out as unique in the space. Typically, I steer clear of disposable vapes due to their environmental impact and the product waste they generate. However, every now and then, curiosity gets the better of me, leading me to try something new regardless of its form.

This was precisely the case with the Packwoods Packs Unicorn Sherbet 2g Disposable Vape. Its pastel snow-cone color scheme, the sleek design and shape of the device, and the enchanting name were irresistible to me, a confessed enthusiast of all things whimsical.

The Unicorn Sherbet vape, offering a sugary cotton candy flavor with delightful berry and citrus afternotes and a potent distillate, surprised me. Despite a slight chemical taste on the back end, a few strong puffs were enough to induce a sensational body high and a bit of spacey headiness. While that wasn’t great for my immediate productivity, the result was later that night was a long, restful sleep.

The device’s hardware, particularly the rubbery silicone coating on the battery and mouthpiece, was impressive, enhancing the overall experience and even making it a fidgety distraction in my pocket.

While I’m not a candy and sweets person, the Unicorn Sherbet vape hit a sweet craving spot perfectly. I did experience a bit of harshness and burn after several puffs, but, as no one else in my taste testing group experienced this, it seems more like a personal sensitivity.

In a market flooded with options, the Packwoods Packs Unicorn Sherbet 2g Disposable Vape stands out, not just for its whimsical allure, but also for its quality and effectiveness.

Packs Unicorn Sherbet

Hardware Score 10 – The hardware of this disposable vape, especially with its rubbery silicone coating on the battery and mouthpiece, was exceptional. It provided a comfortable hand feel and didn’t scorch or overheat the oil, making it a favorite among disposable vapes.

Heat Needed Score 10 – The intuitive battery design perfectly matched the mix, ensuring no overheating and maintaining the quality of the vape experience.

Initial Flavor Score 9 – The sugary cotton candy flavor with berry and citrus afternotes was delightful, although there was a slight hint of chem taste on the backend.

Harshness Score 7 – Some harshness was experienced after repeated use, though this seemed to be an individual reaction, as others did not report the same issue.

Potency Score 9 – The distillate was potent, leading to a drowsy effect and a great night’s sleep after a few strong puffs. However, it caused some distraction.

Effect Score 8 – The effect was significant, aiding in sleep, though it did cause some distractions.

Late Flavor Score 10 – The flavor remained robust and satisfying even after repeated use, catering well to sweet cravings.

Repeat Excitement Score 10 – The product was highly appealing, leading to frequent use and satisfying sweet cravings effectively.


Grade A-


The 10-point grading system used to score and evaluate cannabis products by Patients was produced in collaboration with Patrick Waibel, a renowned cultivator and consultant. The grading system aims to remove bias and determine the best qualities of marijuana products based on specific criteria and merit.