Tammy P’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Tammy P’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide


It’s that time again and this year, not only did we curate some incredible holiday gifts for cannabis lovers, but this year’s edition also features corresponding review videos for each product.  The video versions will be released on the RUN THC YouTube channel each evening starting on Monday, November 20 at 5 pm through the last post on Black Friday.  This year’s guide includes a small number of items, but all were chosen for their uniqueness and usability. While not every item fits every lifestyle, we’re pleased with our assortment this year and there are some real gems for those looking for creative gifts for the cannabis consumers on your list.  Many of the manufacturers are having Black Friday promos, so be sure to check current pricing that might be different from the published prices below.  

Let’s get started!

For the “show and tell” consumers…

Veosa Rolling Wand – $85
Veosa features a wide portfolio of essentials for the cannabis consumer who entertains at home frequently and enjoys the ritualistic nature of flower preparation for consumption. We reviewed the Rolling Wand for this year’s guide and it didn’t disappoint! Made of solid brass, this simple, but elegant tool provides users with the ability to make cones from standard rolling papers, with or without a crutch.

The piece is heavy and substantial and the quality is clear from the moment you pick it up. The fact that it looks fancy and upscale is one more selling point that shows progress in destigmatizing cannabis use in the home. As with all of the Veosa products, its use is practical and functional and its look and feel are on brand for the discerning consumer. We found using 1.25” papers to be the most effective for our purposes and the ability to choose crutch or no crutch is in the hands of the owner.

If you’re ready to purchase, you can find these Rolling Wands at www.veosa.co or locally at Yenology after their opening in late December.

LOKKBOXX Stash and Humidor – $204
When it comes to home entertainment with cannabis and friends, the Lokkboxx is the ultimate in “show and tell.” Not only does the well-constructed box store a plentiful product line, but the “extras” that went into this gift are numerous. At first glance, this is a humidor and well-designed, but it’s more than that. An innovative system for humidity using the hydrobeads which are channeled through the path under the glass domes, and the attention to detail with the interior lid design makes this “humidor” so much more – it’s sturdy and easily moved from place to place.  Lokkboxx really did think… well, out of the box…about all of the details.

We loved the inclusion of tools like cleaning brushes and tiny utensils, as well as the magnifying card and 2 colors of wipe-off markers. Color-coded bands for each dome make it easy to identify genetic family origins and are easily removed and added. Perhaps the most delightful surprise in this kit was the pollen press. Completely unexpected, but totally functional, this allows the home consumer to press kief into pucks, adding a layer of leveling up with flower products.

For consumers who like to educate themselves and friends about cannabis, or just entertain guests with a beautiful display, this is the perfect gift.

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For the multi-function fans…

EVRI by Dip Devices – $69.99

Not everyone is dedicated to one product type over others and many of our peers and friends like to switch it up among different ways to consume depending on mood and location.  Among us, there are those early adopters who try every new gadget and those who wait to see what others tout as winners.  Somewhere in the middle, lies the rest of the market, and those looking for devices that do more than one thing are a rarity.  

Not so with the EVRI from Dip Devices – this little powerhouse will likely be a favorite from this year’s guide for its multi-functional use as well as the price point.  Dip is renowned for its devices, especially for entry-level newbies who aren’t sure yet what their preferred method of consumption is.  The EVRI of 2023 adds one more piece of utility than the previous versions, with the addition of a dry-herb vape to their Swiss Army-esque device.  

This all-in-one device is sufficient for concentrates, vape carts, and flower – with a central battery that attaches to all of the different mouthpieces, one charger can power everything.  If variety is the spice of life, this is a winner for those on your list.  


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For Flower Fanatics…

Chill Steel Bongs – $170

Bongs are very much a huge part of cannabis culture.  Design and craftsmanship are priorities for those who are committed to the bong as their method of choice when it comes to smoking cannabis.  Chill Steel Pipes introduces the Chill Steel Bong – with the first-of-its-kind interior covering these are like giant Yeti tumblers and their interchangeable and universal parts are added bonuses.  For those who want to customize, you can purchase the parts with different colors and patterns and assemble your own personalize version, but we reviewed the rubberized version for the guide.  

We received the rubberized finish in green and were impressed by the opening of the box with how solid and sturdy these pieces are.  In our testing, we used ice cubes and water and left the piece on a kitchen counter for 5 hours before the ice started to melt.  This means a cool smoke without question, but we also love the way we can mix and match with downstems and bowls we already have in our repertoire.  The bong is heavy-duty stainless steel, with a ceramic coating on the interior which adds to its ability to keep the ice and water cool.  The ability to quickly disassemble means easy cleaning and storage options are easily realized.  All of the parts and accessories are standardized, so not only can you use your favorite bowls from your other glassware, but the metal and easily-disassembled-for-cleaning downstems are an easy upgrade to your old favorites.  

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The Path Pipe by Honest – $85

Pipes are one product type that is constantly evolving in the cannabis consumer space and we’ve tested several.  While a pipe is a pipe, for those of us, myself included, who prefer pipes as our most reached-for tool when smoking, we all have our dealbreakers and must-haves for our faves.  The Path Pipe by Honest combines two concepts in one tool that we find useful – the ability to have a cooler smoke, by wave of the “path” the smoke travels through before reaching the mouth, and the covert design that makes it hard to determine with a glance that this is actually a smoking device.  

The design and function of this pipe are exquisite and effective, delivering on the promise of cooler smoke while simultaneously being easy to clean and easily concealed making this a win in our books.  The sliding mechanism that covers the bowl and the path is secure and we have no qualms about throwing this into a pocket or bag.  The materials and sturdiness of the piece make it a great investment for those of us who are hard on pipes and have lost many a favorite to being dropped accidentally.  This pipe that doesn’t look like a pipe is going to last for years to come, and will be one of the favorite gifts for cannabis people this year.  

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That’s our guide for this year – we’d love to hear from you if you already have any of these and let us know what we missed!