Good Taste Edibles sweetens the tastebuds for thousands at Taste of St. Louis 2023

Good Taste Edibles sweetens the tastebuds for thousands at Taste of St. Louis 2023


This past weekend, well over 100,000 local culinary enthusiasts gathered at Ballpark Village for the much-anticipated 2023 Taste of St. Louis event. Amidst the array of award-winning restaurateurs, celebrity chefs and many delectable offerings, one brand stood out with its unique approach – Good Taste Edible Cannabis.

Good Taste’s participation at the Taste of St. Louis was met with enthusiasm from both eventgoers and industry insiders.

The cannabis-infused culinary trailblazer, maker of Good Taste Gummies, Crispies, and the newly launched groundbreaking collaboration with Hi-Point Drive-In and Chef Adam Pritchett, Good & Hi; showcased its non-infused products to thousands of attendees.

The brand’s booth attracted foodies, connoisseurs, and curious minds alike, as it proudly displayed its range of non-infused culinary products. With a commitment to providing exceptional taste experiences, Good Taste highlighted its dedication to quality and flavor in the culinary world.

However, it was the live infusion demos that truly stole the spotlight. Good Taste’s collaboration with Adam, the visionary behind Hi-Point Drive-In, led to the creation of innovative and daring concoctions. The creative minds teamed up to produce a bong-inspired twist on the classic Long Island Iced Tea, aptly named “Bong Island Iced Tea.” This distillate-infused refreshment combined unconventional presentation with a playful yet sophisticated flavor profile, redefining the boundaries of culinary experimentation.

Another standout creation was the crab cake sandwich infused with the newly introduced “Good & Hi” Andalouse-inspired fry sauce. Good & Hi, a collaborative venture between the Good Taste and Hi-Pointe brands, brought together the expertise of both entities to craft a distinctive product that delighted the senses. With plans to distribute this groundbreaking sauce statewide, the partnership aims to offer consumers a novel way to incorporate cannabis-infused flavors into their dining experiences.


Kyle Lenzen, CEO of Good Taste said, “Participating in the Taste of St. Louis event was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with our local community and showcase the unique flavors and innovations we’re passionate about. Our goal is to introduce St. Louis and beyond to our homegrown brand of cannabis edibles that emphasize both taste, quality and effect.”

The event served as a testament to Good Taste’s dedication to elevating the culinary landscape through its cannabis-infused creations. The brand’s distinctive approach to blending cannabis into gourmet offerings provides an exciting glimpse into the future of culinary possibilities.

As the Taste of St. Louis event concluded, Good Taste left a nostalgic impression on attendees and fellow participants alike. With its memorable infusion demos and commitment to pushing boundaries, the brand’s presence at the event signaled a promising direction for cannabis-infused culinary exploration.

For those intrigued by the potential of combining cannabis with gastronomy, the collaboration between Good Taste and Hi-Pointe stands as a testament to innovation and taste. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, brands like Good Taste are at the forefront, inviting us to explore new dimensions of flavor and experience.

Important to the success of activations such as these come with our strategic partners at Cannvocate/The Cannabis Agency. “It was an extreme pleasure to work with Good Taste / Hi Fidelity, Taste of St Louis, and Hi Pointe Drive-In on this incredible collaboration. Taste was the perfect platform and opportunity to align cannabis cuisine with culinary education. The event timing, theme, and setting was ideal for the Good & Hi Sauce premier. The entire experience was a perfect example of how to activate a cannabis brand at a mainstream event. And Adam Pritchett’s Crab Cake Face Melt was absolute fire.”

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