Ouid Dinner: An infused dining experience

Ouid Dinner: An infused dining experience


Dining at Ouid Dinner – A thoughtfully medicated 5-course dinner pop-up service in Springfield, Missouri.

Ouid Dinner is the new happening dinner party and is a joint project from three of Springfield’s most creative and food-centric people to bring infused dinner to the city. It’s pretty self-explanatory, however, you just have to experience it to fully understand how unique and incredible it is.

Ouid Dinner | Danielle Million

Daniel Ernce is the head chef and part-owner of Progress with a ton of culinary history under his belt. Chef Kyle Davis is a creator of mouth-watering desserts, you can currently watch him compete on the Summer Baking Championship on Food Network. With years of restaurant experience behind him, Chef Davis brings his own spin to the infused foods that hit the plates of dinner goers. Autumn Davis, with 10 years of experience in sales and management loves to explore planning/design. Autumn and Kyle’s wedding had a cannabis bar which inspired them to look into a more natural way to bring substances to gatherings in place of alcohol.

Ouid Dinner’s first event took place at Urban Roots Farm here in Springfield. Served as a family-style dinner, the gathering was at a long wooden table decorated with real cannabis leaves, gorgeous candles, and rustic accents. The event had a whimsical feel to it but matched it with the same warm feelings and sweet conversation you’d get being at a dinner with your family.

Let’s talk courses.

Ouid Dinner Menu | Danielle Million


A spoonful of cannabis-infused yogurt topped with lemon jelly and a sprinkle of fresh dill. The lemon was refreshing and the yogurt was light with the dill showing through perfectly. This course was dosed with 10mg of cannabis distillate.

Cannabis-infused Yogurt | Danielle Million

First Course

A sourdough crepe with herbs and edible flowers from the Urban Roots garden and a green garlic sauce. It was an extremely refreshing pallet cleanser getting you ready to the third course. This course was not dosed.

Sourdough Crepe | Danielle Million

Second Course 

A favorite among the patrons around me that attended. Starting with gently cooked salmon topped with garden fresh peas and 10mg cannabis-infused horseradish vinaigrette.

Salmon with Horseradish Vinaigrette | Danielle Million

Third Course 

A personal favorite and one that I found myself craving for days after. Asparagus, burrata, prosciutto topped toast. Imagine a new and flavorful take on avocado toast, plus some! It was delicious and filling.

Ouid Dinner | Danielle Million

Fourth Course

The head honcho, the main course, and the belly filler. Marinated and smoked pork shoulder, homemade slaw, cornbread, and a Chef Ernce named special “friend of pork sauce.’’  You’ll have to ask Chef Ernce at the next Ouid Dinner what is in that special sauce.

Smoked Pork Shoulder | Danielle Million


A treat that was beyond decadent in the form of a strawberry tart. Not too sweet, not too tart.

Strawberry Tart | Danielle Million


All in all, the dinner was 20mg spaced over the 3 hours.

It was the perfect dosage to relax your mind and open your heart with your fellow patrons. While alcohol isn’t served, it and other cannabis products were allowed to be brought and consumed while enjoying the dinner. The consumption of cannabis is ultimately your choice and when talking with the group, it seemed like they had plans for more offerings and choices in future events.

The Midwest is in need of this kind of gathering. It brings the community together and helps to feel more accepted as a cannabis consumer. The amazing trio behind Ouid Dinner plan to bring it every month to our collected table.

You can find out more about Ouid Dinner and book an upcoming serving at www.ouiddinner.com