Applicants requested for Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program by BeLeaf and Harvest 360


Six teams will be selected to receive expert guidance and support in the application process for upcoming microbusiness dispensary and wholesale license lottery

Through its BeLeaf in Equity philanthropic division, BeLeaf Medical is sponsoring a Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program with Harvest 360 leading the cannabis educational and licensing initiative. Those interested in applying for the upcoming microbusiness licensing lottery by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services are encouraged to complete an online survey to be considered for BeLeaf’s Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program.   

In an effort to promote growth in the cannabis industry statewide, BeLeaf and Harvest 360 will select three dispensary and three wholesale teams following an internal review process. The DHSS application process will begin June 6, 2023 and interested parties have until then to submit for consideration. The final six teams selected for BeLeaf’s Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program will be announced July 14, 2023. 

“BeLeaf is eager to help support these teams in their efforts to obtain microbusiness licensing in Missouri,” said BeLeaf CEO Jason Nelson. “Working with Harvest 360, a company renowned for their work in accelerator and social equity programs around the country, these startup cannabis companies will benefit from working with experts in the application process, implementation, technology integration, supply chain management and more.”

The invaluable accelerator program is designed by Harvest 360, one of the most trusted and authoritative cannabis consulting companies using experience-based solutions to guide teams through their application development.

“We will use proven processes to guide the selected teams through all aspects of the application to best position their initiatives for being awarded licenses,” explained Sebastian Nassau, president of Harvest 360. “It’s an incredible opportunity for those serious about applying to learn as much as possible about the process of successfully acquiring and then managing a licensed cannabis operation from some of the most experienced and qualified consultants in the industry that will work closely with each individual team.”

According to the DHSS, microbusinesses are marijuana facility licenses issued only to eligible entities and individuals, and are designed to allow marginalized or underrepresented individuals to participate in the legal marijuana market. With that in mind, considerations to participate in BeLeaf’s Missouri Microbusiness License Accelerator Program will include the location of the proposed project, whether the interested team currently holds a cannabis business license, net worth and annual income parameters, as well as other identifiers as outlined by DHSS. To submit or learn more about the accelerator program, visit

About BeLeaf Medical


Beleaf Co. started as a non-profit company in the state of Missouri growing, extracting and producing a very effective oil for epilepsy patients. Today Beleaf Co. has three lines of CBD Hemp Oil products, all focused on purity and potency.

Their flagship CBD line BeLeaf Life’s Oils are full-spectrum hemp oil; full-spectrum means their products don’t focus on one part of the plant by isolating only CBD.  They use the whole plant with all its natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, lipids and fats. While our Modifi brand is specifically formulated for pharmacies as a hemp-isolate oil; CBD oil that maintains no traces of THC.

BeLeaf Co. proudly offers our THC forward brand suites of Sinse, Cuco and Amend. Sinse is focused on better brand strategy with superior quality in flower, vape/concentrate and edibles at a competitive price. To ensure affordable access to cannabis for all consumers, the Cuco (short for Culture Collective) Brand offers consistently high-quality cannabis at very affordable prices. In ongoing support of our medical product consumers, the Amend product line offers THC forward tinctures, balms, lotions, and suppositories.

BeLeaf manages 5 retail outlets in and around the St Louis area under the ‘Swade’ brand name. With a community forward approach, Swade is an active and viable business partners that focus on responsible stewardship of brick and mortar dispensaries.

All plants produced under BeLeaf Co are grown indoors in a state-of-the-art facility. BeLeaf is excited to continue operate crop production in neighborhoods such as South Benton Park St Louis, bringing over 60 jobs to a revitalizing neighborhood.  The plant material is extracted and packaged in a current GMP facility that is overseen by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.  Every ounce of oil is tested by a third-party lab and each package tracks the results to this site for individuals to see.

About Harvest 360 Technologies LLC (dba Harvest 360)

Harvest 360, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Diamond Ventures Inc. (OTC:BLDV), is a high performance organization that has demonstrated success in assisting people secure licenses, become operationally viable and grow existing businesses in the cannabis industry. Harvest 360 provides professional services to the cannabis industry that are proven and experience-based. Harvest 360 has delivered cannabis educational and licensing accelerators in multiple states over the last four years.