New data shows an evolving cannabis consumer

New data shows an evolving cannabis consumer


In 2023, the cannabis industry is expected to continue its rapid growth, driven by increasing consumer demand and changing attitudes toward the use of marijuana.

New data from New Frontier Data, highlights the changing demographics and acceptance of cannabis consumption in the US.

New Frontier Data’s research shows that 42% of U.S. adults say they have used cannabis and are likely to use it again, while 37% are current consumers who use at least annually and plan to use cannabis again in the future. These numbers have been steadily increasing over the years, with a 23% increase in lifetime use, 118% increase in past year use, 150% increase in past month use, and a 238% increase in daily or almost daily use since 2003.

New Frontier Data’s analysis indicates that the legal market has also seen significant growth in product share of sales, with flower being the most popular product at 43%, followed by vape at 29%, edible/beverage at 11%, and extract at 9%. Prerolls, tinctures, topicals, and other products make up the remaining 8.9% of sales. This shift in consumer preferences towards alternative consumption methods can be attributed to the convenience and discretion that these products offer.


When it comes to demographics, the research finds that 57% of current cannabis consumers who use at least annually are under age 45, with 24% falling between ages 25-34. The gender split is relatively even, with 46% of identified cannabis consumers who use at least annually being women and 54% men. The majority of these consumers (63%) identify as white.

From a public perception perspective, cannabis use has become more commonplace among parents, with similar percentages of identified cannabis consumers both with and without children at home.  While 40% of cannabis users do not have children, 38% currently have children under age 18 at home.

Moreover, New Frontier Data’s research shows that education levels among cannabis consumers are relatively high, with 38% having a bachelor’s degree or higher. This reflects a trend towards more educated and informed cannabis consumers who are interested in the scientific aspects of cannabis use and its potential health benefits. Additionally, more than 50% of cannabis consumers use monthly, while 33% use once every day or two. Only 21% use once a week to once a month, indicating a growing trend towards frequent use.

In terms of the reasons why people are turning to cannabis, the New Frontier Data analysis reveals that the most commonly cited reason is for relaxation and stress relief, followed by pain management, sleep aid, and enjoyment. With increasing awareness of the potential health benefits of cannabis and the expanding range of products available, it is likely that we will continue to see an upward trend in cannabis use in the years to come.