Headset and CASA Partner to optimize dispensary performance across the United States

Headset and CASA Partner to optimize dispensary performance across the United States


Leveraging cannabis experts to help maximize dispensary productivity

Headset, the leading provider of data and analytics to the cannabis industry, today announced its partnership with CASA, a cannabis retail procurement and inventory managed service provider. The collaborative initiative will pair CASA’s team of retail experts with Headset’s data services to help cannabis operators enhance their revenue and efficiencies through data-driven strategies.

Headset and CASA have created a partnership to help dispensaries generate more revenue by combining in-depth sales, market, and competitor data analysis with proven procurement and inventory practices. Headset has established itself as the leading cannabis data and market intelligence solution platform, while CASA’s team brings years of experience operating highly successful dispensaries across the US. By leveraging their deep understanding of Headset services, CASA professionals work directly with retail staff as a part-time member of their team to analyze sales and inventory data to help optimize procurement, inventory, and sales strategies. CASA’s services are designed to cost less than hiring a full-time employee with the same skill sets and are intended to be an accessible service for most retailers.

“Retailers make the industry possible for all of us and it is important to provide them with the tools needed to succeed now and in the future,” said Cy Scott, Founder and CEO of Headset. “Even in a good market, retailers must ensure they are optimizing every dollar. Unfortunately, many retailers know they need to improve their back-of-house strategies, but lack the resources, experienced personnel, or time needed to do so. Our partnership with CASA removes this burden and allows retailers to focus on the important day-to-day aspects of running their business.”

Founded in 2022, CASA is an experienced team of dispensary procurement managers and analysts looking to help retailers improve their business operations without taking on the cost of a full-time employee. Using their expertise, CASA supports dispensaries nationwide with industry experience in both new and mature markets.


“We are receiving a lot of feedback from retailers this year that what worked last year and the year before isn’t working the same, where GM’s, Inventory Managers, and other important retail staff are managing two to three full time roles including procurement. A retail business in any industry is hard to run; a dispensary is much harder, which means you have to combine deep data analysis with the nuanced expertise of knowing what decisions to make in each individual situation. Our team helps limit costly errors and allows retailers to make the right decisions for their revenue. Dispensaries must succeed, the industry is counting on them, we are all grateful for them, and we are here to help them grow,” said Taylor Stafford, Founder and CEO of CASA.

CASA is currently available to support US-based dispensaries utilizing Headset’s data services. To learn more about this partnership, please visit www.growcasa.co or reach out to CASA directly at connect@growcasa.co.

About Headset
Headset is a data analytics company in the cannabis industry with a mission to help businesses make better-informed decisions through data. Headset focuses on collecting and analyzing consumer transaction information. Headset’s models and dashboards help cannabis retailers better optimize their day-to-day operations. In addition, product manufacturers, processors and distributors leverage the aggregated, standardized and anonymized receipt-level sales data in real-time to identify trends and opportunities, stay competitive and collaborate with retail customers. Learn more at www.headset.io.

About CASA
CASA is a team of experienced dispensary procurement managers and data analysts, with the purpose of helping retailers to succeed in any market by optimizing their procurement management, strategies and analysis. CASA becomes a part of the retailer’s team. CASA’s custom blend of in-field retail experience and internal analytics resources, give retailers access to the best retail analysis and procurement decision making abilities in the industry. Retailers work with CASA’s team of procurement experts and analysts to make actionable insights from their sales data, develop and maintain the most competitive menus, optimize margins and pricing, reduce stock outs and overstocking, and to create profitable promotional and marketing strategies, among other benefits. Learn more at www.growcasa.co.