High Scores: HiGH FiVE Huckleberry Lemonade Gummies

High Scores: HiGH FiVE Huckleberry Lemonade Gummies


Not everyone consumes cannabis in the same way.

I’ve been a cannabis user for several years, starting in high school with friends. But I’ve never really been big on edibles.

Don’t get me wrong, I like them, but they hit so hard and last so long. For me, it’s not been a great experience.

When medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri I was excited to try different products but continued to shy away from edibles. But gradually I found myself leaning into the idea.

What I have found in the past two years is that I really enjoy a low dose edble.

I can’t hang with Kosmik‘s 100mg and 200mg per piece gummies. I would be out like Sleeping Beauty, no thank you.

That’s what made HiGH FiVE so appealing to me.

5mg per piece, 100mg per bag. Low dose is my go to.

So we picked up HiGH FiVE Huckleberry Lemonade to see what all the fuss is about with one of the state’s most popular gummies.

Packaging Score 9 – The packaging pops and is fun, the resealable track works better than most and isn’t overly difficult to grip and rip when opening.

Ingredients Score 7 – My vegan friends will not be stoked to hear this, HiGH FiVE uses gelatin. For me, that means a taste and texture I enjoy more than a lot of the pectin gummies on the market right now. 


Value Score 8 – I picked these up for $20 at the dispensary. The price around the state is between $20 and $25 in most stores, putting these near the bottom in pricing and competitive with similar products.

Originality Score 8 – There’s not a ton you can do to recreate the wheel when it comes to gummies, but doing what you do well is more important than creating something new. With that said, the flavor profile here is on point.

Consistency Score 9 –  Uniformity in size, taste, texture, and dose are super important to me. i got all of that with the HiGH FiVE gummies.

Taste Score 10 – The huckleberry lemonade flavor is one of the best flavors I’ve had from any gummy or candy, not just an infused product. it knocked my socks off.

Correct Dose Score 10 – 5mg consistently, each gummy hit the same. I never felt too high or not medicated enough. I was functional and able to work and strive while feeling just the tiniest amount of warm and fuzzy while making it through my day. The duration was also consistent, although there was a big difference in onset on an empty stomach.

Medicinal Value Score 10 – Microdosing is all about a therapeutic experience for me. That’s where my medicinal value is found – can I medicate and still be a functioning member of society, or did I just wreck my day? The HiGH FiVE gummies kept me right where I wanted to be.

Experience Score 10 – A positive experience for me is one where I walk away getting exactly what I expected, a great experience is getting more than I bargained for. From flavor to consistency, to the effects – HiGH FiVE gummies hit all the bullet points on my list and then some. 

Repeat Purchase Score 10 – This is a staple in the cannabis cabinet. I have a few items I routinely check for at dispensaries and these are one of the edibles that I have to see if it’s in stock now.



High Scores uses a 10-point grading system crafted by award-winning cannabis cultivator Patrick Waibel. There are variances between products, but the methodology and design remain consistent.