Missouri cannabis business applicants and operators may now restrict proprietary information

Missouri cannabis business applicants and operators may now restrict proprietary information


Beginning today, Missouri marijuana operators and applicants may advise the Department of Health and Senior Services Division of Cannabis Regulation of any records previously submitted that contain “proprietary business confidential information.”

Proprietary business information includes:

  • sales information
  • financial records
  • tax returns
  • credit reports
  • license applications
  • cultivation information unrelated to product safety
  • testing results unrelated to product safety
  • site security information and plans
  • individualized consumer information

“To advise the Department of these records each applicant or licensee, per license or application number, must fill out a Marijuana License Confidentiality Questionnaire if it wishes to designate any previously submitted documents as containing proprietary information. Multiple applicants or licensees may not use the same document to designate proprietary information, and any questionnaires that reference multiple licensees will not be accepted,” reads a statement from DCR.

For those notifying the Department of confidential information, each question on the form must be completed in full.


“The Division will reject and return incomplete questionnaires to the applicant or licensee for completion,” reads part of the instructions.

The questionnaire and request only apply to previous applications ad documents, as effective immediately any new information submitted to the Department by an applicant or licensee that is proprietary must be labeled as such prior to submission. Each document containing proprietary information must include a header in the upper right-hand corner of the document that reads “Proprietary Information.”

The process of the Facility Confidentiality Questionnaire is relatively straightforward.

  1. Complete the Facility Confidentiality Questionnaire
  2. Licensees, submit completed questionnaires to their assigned Business Services Specialist and copy mmlicenses@health.mo.gov;
  3. Applicants submit completed questionnaires to mmlicenses@health.mo.gov. For questions regarding the Facility Confidentiality Questionnaire, email the business services unit at:  mmlicenses@health.mo.gov.