Tammy P’s holiday gift guide for cannabis consumers

Tammy P’s holiday gift guide for cannabis consumers


The holidays are upon us again and while I’m not a fan of Christmas decor or music or any of the trappings of shopping in person, I LOVE putting together my Holiday Gift Guide every year!

I’m a self-identifying nerd for products (and packaging, and subscription boxes…) and these are some of the favorites from 2022 to add to your list.

Starting things off, we have what I’ll call the “fun stuff” – not really things you need  but things that would be great to give or receive for the cannabis people in your life.

For the fun seekers

Cannastyle – Stoners in Paris 

When it comes to fun, few things are as interesting as the shift in cannabis accessories to be playful and fun, not just utilitarian and functional. Cannastyle has all of the playful and fun in their product drops and we love the Stoners in Paris collection. Featured from this drop, we loved the Oui’d Ashtray, the Glass Joint Holder, the Macaron stash jars, the Parisian cones, and the ultimate, the wine bottle pipe. To purchase, click the link!

All of the pieces are fun and functional, but also great items for a non-cannabis consumer to get for others without knowing the ins and outs of their daily routines. Check out the cones and stash jars as easy and budget-friendly stocking stuffers!

High on Love 

We know how cannabis can help certain conditions, make us at ease in social settings, and all of the wonderful things this plant does each and every day. But more focus is shifting in the market to help with things like sexual health – victims of sexual trauma, sufferers of endodemtriosis, or just plain not-good-enough sex are all being tackled by infusing cannabinoids into sexual and intimacy brands.

High on Love is capitalizing on this trend and they’re doing it with grace and class. The packaging of their products is beautifully designed so that they could easily be displayed with your other health and beauty products without any stigma. But do they work? O. O. O yes. We reviewed the Stimulating O Gel and the Stimulating Sensual Massage Oil and they are both incredibly effective and functional. We bring more to the table with some upcoming products available in select markets from High on Love in the extended Vegas video, which will be posted in the coming weeks.

To purchase:

Stimulating O Gel – $45

Mini Stimulating Sensual Oil (10 ml dropper bottle) – $25

Sensual Massage Oil – $45


Did someone say fun? While a bit kooky, BirthJays have found a way to up the ante in celebrations – no more of the old birthday candles on your cake! BirthdJays allow you to pre-roll joints and place them on a celebration table and light them just like a candle, but in lieu of those outdated wax sticks – and these aren’t just for birthdays – use them to liven up any celebration and your guests will have a bonus reason for helping to blow them out. To purchase, click the link!

$15.99 (5 pack)

For the practical consumer


KOOKIJar is a company that we’d seen in passing but when we realized they had a self-cleaning spring-tipped one hitter, we had to learn more about them and their products. They did not disappoint! We were fortunate to receive the full gamut of products they provide, and our favorites are included these:

The On-The-Go Kit | Odour-Sealing Lockable Leather Weed Pouch, Fully Loaded With Accessories $85

This kit is jam-packed with products that are useful and now secure. The locking leather pouch has a clever design where the lock prevents the bag’s zipper from moving and it’s high quality protection. Everything you see below is included in the kit, EXCEPT for the jar, or you can purchase ala cart.

The On-The-Go Pouch | Odour-Sealing Lockable Leather Weed Pouch $30 – as mentioned above, great quality and construction and can hold all of the essentials!

The Doob Tube | Odour-Sealing Pre-Roll Container $15 – included in the kit above, these are not plastic pop tops – the craftsmanship is stellar, no odor escapes, and you never worry about this coming open in a bag, purse, or pocket.

The One-Hitter | Self-Cleaning Spring-Tipped One Hitter $12 – it’s exactly what it sounds like – a simple, but effective way to quickly push into flower, hit once or twice (depending on your own pull size) and then push the spring and your device is empty and clean. No more weird remnants in the bottom of your go-bag.

The Bud Pod | Odour-Sealing Pocket Weed Container $14 – like the other products, secure storage is a must for those who take flower on the go. This little screw-top metal container includes a scraper/shovel and is high quality. Our own experience with a silicon version of such containers (not made by KOOKIJar) has been lackluster and the caps rarely stay connected, which means flower goes everywhere in a bag or pocket. NOT going to happen with the Bud Pod.

The Grate | Wallet-Sized Herb Grinder Card $12 – You’ve likely seen these in various retail locations made by other companies or as giveaways at conferences. This one is sturdy and useful and easy to use in a pinch on the go for a quick grind.

The Compact | Small Glass Stash Jar with 5x Magnifying Lid $25 – If you’ve seen our nerd-out video for Smokus Focus you know how much we LOVE looking at our buds up close. KookiJar has their magnifying and roomy jar with Boveda packs included. This is far from a cheap box, and is made from strong materials and feels like quality from the jump. For those who have flower long enough to store it in something other than original packaging, this is a must-have!

Purchase HERE.

For the exploratory consumer who wants to make a social impact

DIP Devices 

DIP Devices are a well-known brand for vaping solutions – concentrates to dry herb, even multi-purpose gadgets that can do all of the above AND still accommodate 510 thread carts. When we received the LUNAR, we knew it had to be on our list.

Entry-level products are those that can be a budget-friendly way to attempt to try new consumption methods. The LUNAR is such an entry-level product – for those considering moving to concentrates, this little number is sleek, inexpensive, and gives the opportunity to try concentrates without breaking the bank.

At just $29.99 and available in a multitude of colors, this is a fantastic gift for the “exploratory” consumer and can be ordered HERE.

As with many Dip Devices, a portion of proceeds from the sales of this product are given to non-profit organizations.


Speaking of non-profit proceeds – 

Flora JAINE Jewerly and Accessories

Dena Ladd has had an illustrious career in high-end fashion brands, ever hear of Louis Vuitton? Her next chapter has been as a successful lobbyist and the head of Missouri Cures for multiple years, Ladd has established herself as a champion for research, but also a discerning consumer. Catch Ladd in person, and you’ll see the true impact of these pieces as she’s about as classy as they come and when people realize she’s wearing tiny cannabis leaves, it contributes heavily to making people reconsider their preconceived stereotypes in a heartbeat.

As a founder of WeAreJAINE, a women in Missouri cannabis organization, and the chairwoman of MoCannTrade’s Board of Directors, Ladd is an advocate for the plant and wanted to find a way to fund additional research – thus, Flora JAINE was born. Proceeds from every sale of FJ products go to a number of plant-medicine research projects to help continue to grow the community of legitimizing our industry.

Current offerings include:

Flora Leaf Pendant – Gold – $80

Flora Statement Necklace – $90

Pave Stud Earrings – $50

Vape Cases – $35

We are huge fans of the quality of these pieces, and the vape case is a game changer for those who are constantly looking for a lone pen in a purse or bag, or for men, a solution for putting a pen in a pocket without it accidentally being on and running down the battery or losing valuable contents. Order HERE.

Some consumers and gift givers are always hungry for the next new gadget and are willing to use their disposable income to build their collections of cool items – that’s where this next classification comes from.

For the early adopters

Weedgets Products 

For the past few weeks, it seems like MazeX pipe is appearing in many of our feeds – so naturally, we needed to know what the fuss was about and they rewarded us by sending multiple products to share.

Blue-MAZE-X Pipe – $99

This pipe is the featured product that Weedgets is most proud of and what drew our attention to them in the first place. Billing this piece as the “Tesla of Smoking Devices.” this pipe delivers on the promise of a smooth hit. Unlike other silicone pipes we’ve tried, this one has a unique design that makes it easy to clean and the parts are easy to disassemble. While there are many things to like about this pipe, my personal favorite is that the bowl has a silicone cap that works perfectly for taking it to another room without having to haul an ashtray or other supplies.

For context, I prefer to smoke my sleep strains at night and with the cap, I can take the pipe and my lighter and easily consume, then leave on my nightstand without fear of it being spilled or making a mess. Would the cap work in a purse or bag? Doubtful, but just this simple convenience at home makes a difference in my daily use.

Another selling point from the maker is that they recommend filling the plastic case the pipe comes in with isopropyl and letting it soak overnight. I love the ability to clean the pipe and its parts in its own container, but I prefer to use other cleaners for health reasons. That doesn’t pose a challenge to this pipe or the case, as any cleaner works beautifully using the same vessel.


These filter tips serve 2 purposes, including swapping out the one that comes on the MazeX pipe or using them with cones or home-rolled joints. Several of our testing crowd tried these with cones and joints and found them to be effective at cooling the smoke AND not impacting flavor. Perhaps the favorite feature of these is that the filter holes are very small, but numerous, so even finely ground flower won’t wind up in your mouth unexpectedly.


While the MazeX pipe and the filters are impressive, for my money, the Doob Tube Kit was my personal favorite of the products we received from Weedgets. Why? For one, it’s darn sexy to look at, but more importantly is that the design takes into account the many things we typically don’t like about poptops and cares for them all. The Doob Tube is never going to come apart accidentally and won’t leave residue in the bottom of any bags or purses. Add the solid construction, the screw on top that makes it smell proof and protects from getting wet or crushed and it’s already a win. Weedgets takes it a step further by allowing the user to leave the filter on a joint or preroll and nestles beautifully into the Doob Tube to keep it both stable and fresh.


Reading other reviews of the products we try is always something we do to see if there are potential pitfalls we should be aware of or to be sure we utilize the “best” features others call out. In some reviews published about the MazeX, the writers mention the bowl being too large – UM WHAT? How can that be a negative? We love the quality of these bowls, which you can purchase ala carte so that you always have a clean one, but the size is just right for us.

To Purchase:https://lddy.no/1d5v3

Wakit Products

Each year, when it’s time to work on the Holiday Gift Guide, I routinely solicit others in the industry to see if they’ve found some gems that we should learn about. Wakit Grinders are such an item and when it comes to fun, it’s hard to beat the Wakit Grinder or the Wakit Rollbotz RoboKone Filler.

Previously, we’ve reviewed a variety of grinders and you’d be hard-pressed to find a consumer that only has one in their collection. The true beauty of these two products from Wakit is that it’s SUCH a simple idea, but like many other innovations in the products for our industry, it just took someone to put it into production and practice. The ball and chain “string” you see when walking into a basement laundry room, or using a lamp are put to new use in Wakit products. Coupled with some clever design, and cool color combinations and you’ll see how cool such a simple concept can come to life and be fun to use as well as functional.

Wakit Grinders Flower Design (OCBXWAKIT Limited Series) $64.99

This grinder couldn’t be easier to use – which is part of the appeal. Simply charge the grinder upon receipt using the included charging cord and you’re ready to grind. For us, we placed the flower we wanted to grind on a rolling tray and per the instructions, placed the charged grinder over the bud, and simply pressed the top a few times. More presses for finer, fewer presses for not-so-fine. The ball and chain mechanism spins and creates just the right consistency for using flower in joints or other smoking devices. It really is that easy.

RollBotz RoboKone Filler (Bubblegum Pink) $149.99

Looking for a more hands-on and tactile activity? Like many people, we all know how cathartic it can be to make prerolled joints at home by filling cones – something about the ritual appeals to us and the RollBotz RoboKone filler satisfies that! Your empty cone (multiple sizes!) fits perfectly in the filling tube and you simply place your flower on top of the grid before snapping the top piece (containing the magic) on top. Depress the button and you can see the flower being carefully dispersed into the cone and it’s just a short time before you’re ready to consume. As we say often, it does take some practice using most gadgets and you’ll quickly find your preferred routine when making cones with this little gem. We found that we preferred to put a small amount in the cone then pack with the included tool to make sure it’s sturdy at the crutch, then finish filling. Spoiler alert – once you’ve seen this in action, you’ll find yourself volunteering to make prerolls for guests and showing off the coolness of such a tool.

That wraps up our list for this year! While we’ve completed the video for several of the products above to meet the deadlines of the holiday itself, we’ve got MUCH more footage on some of these products, so subscribe to the Cannvocate YouTube channel or sign up for the DOSE to keep current on new video releases and consumer goodies and updates. Stay tuned for some MJBizCon reels and more on the gifts in the guide in the coming weeks! If there are products you’ve seen that you’d like us to review – don’t hesitate to let us know!

Wishing you all the very happiest of holidays in 2022!